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Fitness Journey: Three Simple Habits You Can Start Now

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Some of you might have seen my Instagram stories related to my fitness journey. I, like most of you, have goals on being fit forever. Some of you might tell me I don’t need it, but the definition of being fit for me is not just aesthetically healthy, but functionally healthy as well. I am a person suffering from Scoliosis, thus, I need to strengthen my body to lessen the pains. Thus, I would like to share you three simple habits that I started which you can, too!

When you start it, keeping it consistent is crucial.
Photo by Fab Lentz.

1. Don’t open your phone when you wake up. Breathe. Meditate.

Perhaps this would be the most difficult habit in today’s age. We are all used to check our phones (of course, most of us are using alarm clocks!) and it’s actually eating up our morning time. I attended a talk on business this year and one of the speakers (I forgot the name!) mentioned how he starts the day without opening his phone and just focuses on what he would achieve for the day. Moreover, a friend of mine mentioned in her blog, Mafil’s Quest, that she read in a book that it is important to slow down with our busy lives, and that would be effective as we wake up in the morning. Being this kind of person who wants to check my messages, emails, and happenings, this is a major life-changer for me.

Don’t touch that phone!
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You can try breathing and meditating. Afterwards, think that you are hungry. Proceed to your breakfast. Phone, later.

2. Find the right exercise for you! Do it daily.

As a person with Scoliosis, I started doing Pilates as my daily exercise and doing it for a month gave me noticeable changes in terms of pains. However, like most people, I stopped due to some excuses. Yes, excuses, and I couldn’t find any right term for that. Then as I was reviving my fitness enthusiasm, I asked one of my friends to help me with this journey. It is very important that you find the right buddies too, so that they can influence you in your next steps. Now, I started doing Yoga for spine health and Cycling. He reminded me with his motto:

Myself is my only enemy to greatness. No pain no gain.

True, indeed! The only challenge is for myself to be consistent with this. I’m telling you, there is no secret in being consistent. If you really want to do it, you’ll do whatever it takes. Thus, you have to find what drives you to do it. We all want to be healthy, but a bonus for me is I want to look like 20s on my 30s. Would you want that too?

I just learned how to ride a bike a month ago and now, this has been a part of my afternoon routine.
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Truthfully speaking, I just want to be more functional. Started with 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, now, I can perform workout with more than an hour (on different intervals). Remember that this workout for me might be different for you so find your strengths and weaknesses (literally-speaking) on your body.

Lastly, for those of you who are driven to succeed on their career, just think if you can enjoy your success without being healthy and living long.

3. Share your fitness journey. Remember, sharing is caring.

Whenever I finish a routine, that’s the time I open my phone. I share it on my social media especially on my Instagram stories. Well, my social media is my personal space and I believe I am free on whatever I post but I know for a fact, that whatever I post could have an impact, big or small, to people who can see it. Thus, whenever I am asked to give tips on personal branding or social media in general, I would always tell people to post real, nice things. I am not against those people who rant on social media but too much is not good. If you want to make an impact to others, do it in a positive way. We all want that, right?

Social media goes bad if used in a toxic way. Let’s share the goodness, instead!
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This might be the easiest habit so far but hey, this makes a difference on your influence to people and on how they view you. I have friends who decided to quit social media because of the toxicity they felt. As we know, social media was created to connect people, not to stress them out. Thus, living with its purpose would be a challenging task for some of you, but it could make a total difference in your well-being.

Smart Start Session


These are three simple habits I incorporate in my fitness journey because I just started again. Our beginnings do not really have to be grand. If you want to start, start small. You’ve heard it many times, there’s no such thing as overnight success. If you do things in bulk, you probably would have more excuses to have less time for it. Habits are formed gradually. Remember when you were a kid and your parents/guardians start to bathe you? Sooner, you develop that habit of taking a bath after doing your breakfast. Now, it’s something normal that it feels different when you don’t do it. That’s the same thing we want to achieve in fitness. Forming habits is a learning process. If you won’t start now, when will you start?

Hope that inspired you somehow! See you on my next post!



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  1. Very insightful blog post. Something that is easy to apply on your daily routine right away! Thank you for sharing this and for also including me on your blog post! It’s very well appreciated, Jezze! 😍💕

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