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Five Points I Learned in Being An Entrepreneur

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Hi everyone! Here I am sharing a fresh content this week in terms of learning. Last Saturday, we had an event in our community, Smart Start Session, about leveling up and maximizing your potential. I was actually given the chance to share some key takeaways that I got from being an entrepreneur. Since some of you wasn’t able to attend the said event, I would love to share five points I learned that would make you hungry for more learning, in doing business, or even in our daily lives.

1. Entrepreneurship will boost your social skills.

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Happy to be part of this squad! These people are eager to learn and share what they know on their different fields. And yes, most of them are strangers the first time I’ve met them!
Photo by Anthon Santos.

Whenever people will ask me how can I talk to strangers without hesitation, I will them that there’s nothing to be afraid of. One of my principle in life is that for every person you meet, you learn something. Thus, allowing yourself not to talk to that stranger deprives you of the learning or opportunity that you’re supposed to be getting. I would also hear a lot of excuses from people telling me these phrases:

Hey, I am not a people person!

Well… I am an introvert.

I can do more productive things when I am alone.

Yes, I label them as excuses. I was that kind of person before as well. However, I realized that we will always have the power to change who we are. In Psychology, I’ve learned that personalities do not define who you are, and you have the capacity to change how you behave in a certain situation. Thus, when the time came that I needed to get out of my comfort zone, I did. I maximized that with entrepreneurship. 


2. By boosting your social skills, it can help you in your leadership skills or even handling varieties of people.

People close to me know that I am a straightforward person before. When I talk to you, I already have a specific topic or intention in mind as I do not want my time to be wasted in nonsensical things. However, being too straightforward has its cons as well. In being an entrepreneur, one of the key factors to keep a steady flow of customers is providing solutions and having a good working relationship. Relationship building entails even doing things which seems meaningless but actually would provide rapport for two people. For example, instead of going in a meeting and talking about the points of improvement right away, you can incorporate going in a fancy coffee shop to make them feel that this is not just purely business. You can also include fun activities before the meeting so people wouldn’t feel bored, too. Apart from that, you’re going to meet people from different walks of life and it will test you on how to handle your emotions, how to be flexible, and extend your patience. 

It is indeed a productive experience being an entrepreneur because apart from the income it gives you, it teaches you life lessons as well.

3. You’ll never want to waste any amount of money when you become an entrepreneur.

Milk teas, coffees, movie dates: they might seem normal things we spend our money on but we do not feel the value once we feel like we have none in our pockets. I still spend on these things but right now, I do it more wisely. For example, why would I spend on milk tea just for the sole purpose of drinking it? I’ll probably spend on milk tea to stay in a quiet place and be productive. Before, I used to crave travels as well. However, I realized that unless there is a greater investment on that travel then it’s worth it. If the travel causes you bad financial standing, then it isn’t. It is true that money returns but time doesn’t when it comes to traveling. But, it should never be that traveling makes you poor, and in debt.

I do travel, but with a purpose this time.

As I continue my entrepreneurial journey, my financial decisions are largely based not on impulse but on the benefits that I’ll be getting if I do a specific purchase.


4. As an entrepreneur, you might want to boost your health.

I recently finished a 21K marathon! Apart from boosting my health, I boosted my influence as well!
Perhaps because I am in the health and wellness industry, I attract good health. However, one key principle that I learned is that whatever business you are working for, it is actually useless if you don’t take good care of your health. In business, you are actually providing solutions to people. Neglecting your health means no matter how good your business is, your service stops if your performance stops (unless you teach what you know to someone). Thus, you also would want to choose the industry you’re going into. Being in the health and wellness industry made me want to eat the right food, workout, and take some supplementation. If I am not healthy, who is going to believe me anyway? Remember people get attracted to good things. If you’re hiring potential employees, getting potential business partners, the best person to show results should be none other than you.
usana supplements

5. In business, you need to focus on your strengths and have clarity on your vision. 

I have mentored a lot of young professionals and event adults older than me who seem not to flourish with their business because they are too distracted, they have so many opportunities, they want to do a lot of things, and so much more. Always remember that in business you cannot solve all problems in the world. That is why we are given the chance to solve one problem at a time, so that other entrepreneurs can focus on what they can solve, too. I was once the jack of all trades and people know that I am good at a lot of things. However I realized that I cannot be the best at those. In order for you to solve something and provide quality service, you must focus. Perhaps you should ask yourself the following questions:
  • Why I am doing this
  • Is it worth the pain and the challenge?
  • Am I really growing?
  • Do I see myself doing this in the future?
If you have clarity on why you are doing these things, then it would not be difficult for you to focus. Sure there are lots of temptations out there but with a bigger goal, passion and vision, you’ll learn to say no to things that will not direct you towards your path of becoming.

There! I hope I had given you insights on my entrepreneurial journey. As I’ve always mentioned, this journey does not stop once you reach a specific goal. It will be always a continuous process that involves extending your comfort, fear, learning and growth zone.
If you plan to attend one of our Saturday events in fueling your passion into profit, use my code SMARTSTARTJEZZE for an exclusive pass.
Hope to see you soon!


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