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Heart-Loving Breakfast Salad: Chicken, Fruits, and Veggies in the Morning!

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Bright morning, everyone! Today, I will start posting about recipes that I love, especially when I started my healthy lifestyle. Writing a healthy breakfast salad after  my previous post, Millenary Taste’s sweet cakepops, is a joke, right? To be honest, I still eat some junk food, but very little or in moderate amounts. I am still promoting while regulating them. Nonetheless, the reason I love eating healthy food now is that it makes me feel clean; eating bad food makes me feel dirty.

Thus, if you want to change eating habits for the better, it would always start by changing your mindset. Proper association of emotions would tend to lead to proper eating habits. Let me write another article which tackles some of that!

I have made it a point that my breakfast meals would never (or rarely, if I don’t have a choice) be processed food. I’ve learned that the first thing your body absorbs, especially in the morning, is very crucial, as it will be the one to power up your cells. Breakfast means “breaking the fasting”, which we did while we were sleeping. Thus, don’t you think it would be different if you eat processed food in the morning or if you eat delicious healthy fruits, veggies and proteins?

I always request a healthy meal to my mother. Here’s what she prepared for me: A Heart-Loving Breakfast Salad. Here’s a very simple recipe:

breakfast salad with chicken and veggies

What? A Breakfast Salad?

Many of you might ponder why you should eat salad for breakfast. I know, we tend to associate people who go on a diet with eating salad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to lose weight (because I have nothing to lose) but my healthy eating habits’ main drive is more for my skin. Whatever you eat will manifest on your body, and I am one of those people wherein these manifestations obvious. I can tell the reason that my skin turned bad based on what I ate yesterday. It might be also based on how many hours I slept at night. Before, I used to eat processed food or sugary food in the morning because I’m always in a rush and it was very mouthwatering for me so the effect goes in my skin. I could say that those are the effects of oily food, salt, and sugar. It is true that vegetables and fruits are good for weight loss, but it is not for weight loss alone because they have low glycemic index. Everything we eat can be measured in what we call a glycemic index (GI), the scale that tells how carbohydrates raise sugar levels. Let me give you a brief discussion about it.

Glycemic Index: How does it work?

When you eat something with carbohydrates, the food that you eat turns into blood sugar. This blood sugar then becomes a source of energy which is allowed by your hormone insulin. The more carbs you have, the more blood sugar you have as well.

Insulin, is it unlimited?

Unfortunately, no. When insulin levels are low, blood sugar is not regulated properly, which could lead worse cases like diabetes, or sometimes it could accumulate as stored fats. In my case, it doesn’t manifest as fats but it manifested somewhere else like my skin.

Breakfast Salad
More sugar? Photo by Mali Maeder.

Why Are Veggies Good?

I think every mother out there reiterated to their kids how vegetables are really good. Thankfully I realized it earlier. It has a low GI, thus, it wouldn’t give you more than your needed sugar supply. Being a sugar fanatic, I always feel hungry after eating it. When you eat too much sugar, its levels spike up in your blood. Then, it goes down again drastically, making you feel like a roller coaster hunger game. However, with breakfast salads, the levels of sugar are in moderation, so it won’t make you feel too much hungry. A good way to start the day!

This breakfast salad is also Heart-Loving.

The main cause of death are lifestyle diseases, according to a lot of statistics I’ve read. When my mother or I made this breakfast salad, I make sure that the ingredients doesn’t harm my heart (figuratively and literally!) She added olive oil to it (a versatile oil which I also use in my face as a makeup remover) which is good for inflammations, heart health, and acts as an antioxidant. Chicken breast is here as well, which is a good source of protein (I stopped eating too much chicken but not the breast part since I’ve read and heard that it is rich in vitamins and minerals). Sometimes, I use tofu instead of chicken because it has low GI and a great source of protein as well. I also included my refreshing cucumber mainly because I love the cool and clean feeling when I include it in breakfast salads. Lastly, I love sweets, I can’t change that! Therefore, I found other healthier sources of sweets like fruits so I put mango in it. Good choice of ingredients isn’t it?

Smart Start Session

That’s it! I hope you learned something from my short discussion on health and I hope you could tweak your breakfast in healthier ways. Send me your thoughts by commenting below on which recipes you would want me to make or feature! You could also share links from your own blog posts and I would be very happy to learn from them.

See you on my next post!


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