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House of Unicorns Cafe: Dreamy Unicorn-Themed Cafe in the Metro!

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Long time no see, folks! You might have read on my Facebook post regarding my confinement. However, here am I now, alive and kicking! Well, it also helps to have your personal fitness goals and journey to lessen the risks of any health-related concerns. With that, I’m here to deliver a truly fresh article after a long time on a foodie adventure! Let’s walk the streets of Marikina (definitely a foodie haven!) and visit one of the dreamy unicorn-themed cafes in the Metro: House of Unicorns Cafe!

1. Atmosphere ⭐⭐⭐⭐

House of Unicorns Cafe, not really being a restaurant, in terms of size, has just enough space. I couldn’t say it is too spacious nor too cramped as well. Plus, there are options where you can sit on the table or on their bunk beds! There are also spots perfect for picture-taking especially if you’re with your buddies. Aside from that, being the pastel lover that I am, if you’re like me, you would enjoy the colors. At that time, there were kids who dined in the cafe. Thus, I could say this place is perfect for kids as well (or kid-at-heart!), since you’ll be able to play with stuffed toys. One thing I could suggest to you is that, if you’re not fond of spaces where there are many people, try to avoid this place at their peak hours. At the time we went there, perhaps around 7pm, there were kids playing around and it is quite noisy. On the other hand, I did have quality time with my friends since we stayed on the top bunk.
House of Unicorns Cafe
Here are the colorful tables!
Photo by Jezze.
House of Unicorns Cafe
But we stayed on the top bunk!
Photo by Jezze.

2. Food ⭐⭐

Food in the House of Unicorns Cafe is not that exceptional, it’s a common food that we can enjoy even in other restaurants. The price ranges around 500PHP or $10 for two (or less!), which is not bad for chilling out with friends. Due to the fact that at that time I wasn’t blogging, apologies if I couldn’t show you individual pictures. We ordered Sweet and Spicy Wings and Carbonara each for 168PHP (around $3); Baked Fries and Cheese and Chocolate Milk Shake, each for 158PHP; and Chocolate Banana Waffle for 138PHP (around $2.5).
House of Unicorns Cafe
Our food!

3. Customer Service ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What I love about this restaurant is the customer service. If you’ve notice on my previous posts especially with our experience at Farmer’s Orchard Cafe, I tend to stay until the closing hours. Actually, that’s when you can test their customer service if they are really providing you the best service even if it’s their time to go. I truly appreciated their staff since even the closing time, they helped us take pictures and didn’t rush us too much! As for the food service, it is expected of them, but what stood out to me is the extra service they gave even after the last hours.

House of Unicorns Cafe
Busy staffs, but awesome service!
House of Unicorns Cafe
Nicole had her picture taken before we left the cafe.
Photo by Jezze.

4. Accessibility ⭐⭐

Located at Lilac Street, Marikina, the fastest way to go here according to is to ride an FX bound to SSS Village. The route starts at Gateway Mall, Cubao, which is accessible via various transportation modes. After that get off at SSS Village and walk a little further with your Google Maps (4-6 minutes of walk will do!) I could not elaborate more on the commuting since we booked a Grab as it is cheap for three people and we are not too familiar with the place. You might want to use that option, too! In my opinion, Marikina is not totally accessible for all (except for Marikina locals), and I coming from the Pasig area (which is just beside it) takes 2-3 rides in order to get there.

House of Unicorns Cafe
Check it out on Google Maps! More foodie stops nearby!

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5. Overall Dining Experience – 3.5⭐!

As a pastel color fanatic, this place is a must-go place for me. However, as for other people, this might seem to be a usual place to go to, since themed cafes are on the rise as well. What stood out for me is the atmosphere and the customer service, and I think it is something that should not be taken for granted. Moreover, it is a perfect place to catch-up with friends without any worries. Food is common, but then at the moment that we were catching up, food doesn’t matter much as words do. Don’t you think so?

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