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Spend Your Weekend in Intramuros: Bambike EcoTours x 9 Spoons Bayleaf

Dining at 9 Spoons Bayleaf, Intramuros

The night before, I was exploring Zomato Gold‘s membership that I got for less than 300PHP for six months because I got a 20% discount from KikaySiKat‘s post. This is totally worth it because one of its perks is you get a complimentary meal of the same or lesser price. We dined at 9 Spoons Bayleaf and our meals are 350PHP and 370PHP. Talk about return of investment.

Intramuros 9Spoons Zomato Gold
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1. Atmosphere ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The environment here at 9 Spoons Bayleaf Intramuros is truly tranquil and elegant. With an overlooking from the 9th floor of The Bayleaf, it’s a great place to dine with or without a companion. I guess if you come here in the evening, the view is equally majestic as the morning. After the tiring but exciting ride earlier, indeed we had a peaceful rest in the resto. Personally, I prefer a serene vibe than an energetic one when dining out.

Intramuros 9 Spoons
Elegance and serenity combined.
Photo by Jezze.

2. Food 

As I am influencing Kristian on healthy living (he is improving now!) we ordered delicious and heart-loving meals for lunch. He chose Chicken Tandoori Salad (370PHP, around $7) while I chose All-Day Tapa (350PHP, around $7). As soon as we received the meal, I told myself it was really worth it because the serving size is more than enough! We are both not-so-heavy eaters (but we eat frequently) so this is a good deal for us. As for the taste, the salad does not seem like you are depriving yourself for food because you can really enjoy veggies like this! The price indeed makes sense! Moreover, for the tapa, it tastes rich and flavorful and with that we truly enjoyed the meal. However, I guess I will be looking forward to go again to taste other meals.

9 Spoons Bayleaf Intramuros
All Day Tapa, 350PHP
9 Spoons Bayleaf Intramuros
Chicken Tandoori Salad, 370PHP

3. Customer Service ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The kind of customer service that I like is not too disturbing by asking too much questions but cares for the customers at the same time. I love the way they assisted us from the front doors until we finished our meal. The Zomato Gold transaction was smooth as well. No issues, purely satisfaction. Smart Start Session

4. Accessibility ⭐⭐

If you are already touring Intramuros, it is truly accessible since it’s just near the gate. Located at Muralla Street, The Bayleaf Hotel is also home to other restaurants and there are many choices nearby. Kristian and I had our third date here on The Bayleaf but on Sky Deck (it was closed when we went there this time) when we’re not yet a couple so this is a truly memorable place for me. From the LRT get off at Central Station and walk for around 10 mins to get here.

9 Spoons Bayleaf Intramuros
Check it out on Google Maps! Just beside Lyceum of the Philippines University.

5. Overall Dining Experience – 4.5⭐!

From burning calories to gaining back, it was such a truly fulfilling experience for our bodies and our tummies! As I’ve mentioned, I’d be very happy to go back here and enjoy dining, whether with a companion or not, just to take pleasure in having a tranquil and serene moment while delighting my tummy. Perhaps with the help of Zomato Gold, our date became more affordable without losing the quality. Great investment for a great weekend, indeed! Will you go there with me next time?

Check 9 Spoons Bayleaf Intramuros on Zomato!

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