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Jeonju Folk Village in 5 Hours (전주한옥마을)

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Another travel post for you my dear readers! I wrote up this post because my Korean friend read and browsed my website and asked me, “Have you been to Jeonju? Maybe you can write about it.” I said, “Well, I have been there! In Jeonju Folk Village!” And so I thought, I should write about it.

But I just stayed in Jeonju for FIVE HOURS! Took photos, ate some food…

Thus, let me tell you what you can do in Jeonju without spending the whole day in there — specifically in Jeonju Folk Village.

1. Be culturally fashionable by wearing Hanbok, Korea’s Traditional Costume on the streets of Jeonju Folk Village.

Jeonju Folk Village: Hanbok
And pose on the wall!

If you’re going to do sightseeing, why not dress up for it? I went to the costume shop in the middle of the tour because I know that I’m going to take photos with the nice sceneries as well. I thought, if my attire fits the cultural theme of the place, it would be more memorable and nicer! Feel your inner Korean by wearing their traditional costumes.

Jeonju Folk Village: Hanbok
You can find Hanbok shops in a lot of places! With prices ranging to 20000~40000KRW, you can choose from different packages!

Just a little trivia, in Hanbok(한복), Han() is related to anything Korean (Hanguk, Hangeul, etc.) and Bok() means clothing.

2. What food is Jeonju famous for? It’s the Bibimbap (비빔밥).

Jeonju Folk Village: Bibimbap
Colorful, healthy, and yummy.

Bibimbap, to those who haven’t tried it, is a rice bowl with some meat and mixed vegetables that made it colorful. It’s added with Gochujang, a red pepper paste which makes the taste more exquisite. I could say that the paste is quite sweet but more of spicy, of course. Jeonju is very popular for Bibimbap because it has a different way to make rice, not through plain water. You can read more of that here.

Trivia: 비빔 (Bibim) means mixed and (Bap) means Rice. 고추 (Gochu) on the other hand, means chili, and (Jang) means sauce.

3. With street food everywhere, why would we stop eating with Bibimbap alone?

Jeonju Folk Village is a street food haven. If you’re a cheese lover, you can see a lot of cheesy stuff here, from cheesy chicken on sticks, squids, and so much more!

Jeonju Folk Village
From cheesy octopus…
Jeonju Folk Village
To cheesy people

You can also find fancy drinks here. Well, I could say there’s nothing special with the drinks except for the packaging.

Jeonju Folk Village
Me while computing my expenses. Haha anyway, with this drink, you’re actually buying the bottle, not the drink alone. But people would buy it because it looks nice!

4. Shop for souvenirs.

Like every other tourist destination, you can always shop for souvenirs here. If you’re following me on Instagram, you might notice that I’m a collector of Pikachus (not a die hard Pokemon fan but I just find it soooo cute) and so every place we travel to, I try to find a Pikachu shop.

Luckily, I saw one here which is not a place to buy Pokemon only but a general souvenir shop which sells stuffed toys! The thing is, it’s the only Pikachu there so my impulsive self bought it, because I might just regret it later.

Jeonju Folk Village
And so another one which was added to my collection: Korean Winter Pikachu on the leftmost side.

5. Create memories and store them!

I had not so much photos for our Jeonju tour but taking photos in this place is quite normal because everyone’s doing it. How did I create memories here?

Jeonju Folk Village
Ate Bingsu even though it’s winter
Jeonju Folk Village
Took serene walks in some places (yes, though this is a touristy area, there are paths with less people!) Photo by Kristian.
Jeonju Folk Village
Kept memories through photographs!

In my Korea trip, the farther you move away from the city, the lesser international tourists are there. Jeonju Folk Village is quite a place where there were a lot of locals who went there for a something different from the Seoul hustle. I haven’t seen too much non-native looking people here as compared to the city. Lastly, the vibe is always happy.

To go here from Seoul, go to the Intercity Bus Terminal and find tickets for Jeonju. There are lots of Intercity Bus Terminals but we took the one named Dongseoul. That’s located in Gangbyeon Stn, Line 2. The fare is less than around 20000KRW We got off at Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal. We took a cab after arriving because we had some luggage. The cab costs more than around 4000KRW.


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