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Millenary Taste’s Cakepops: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Hello, everyone! If you are following my IG stories, I made a poll if you would like me to have a contest for these yummy cakepops and, as it turns out, all of you wanted one! Stay tuned at the end of this post on one special announcement!

But first, let’s have a review!

Design and Packaging ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I met these two wonderful people, Marc and Mary, in a Smart Start Session event and they shared and talked about their small business, making cakepops, to us. Seeing their colorful cakepops, I found them very enticing to bite, as a big sweets fanatic. I then found myself buying one, as their products range from 150 PHP to 250 PHP, as I really wanted to try one.

Millenary Taste Cakepops
It looks like this! Very fancy right? Photo by Millenary Taste

I’m getting hungry now.

Taste ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love sweets, no doubt I’ll give it 5 stars. It tickles your sweet taste buds once you started biting it. The thing about this is that, when put it in my mouth, I couldn’t stop eating it. My brother felt the same way, too. We didn’t have anything left for our sister. In one box, there are three kinds of cakepops: the ones with the sprinkles, chocolate cakepops, and the graham balls. I love the Graham Balls because it has this hint of biscuits. I could also say that no two cakepops taste the same.

Millenary Taste Cakepops
They also did customized colorful cakepops before and look how pretty they areeee! Photo by Millenary Taste

Health Benefits? ⭐

As I’ve said, I’m a hardcore sweets enthusiast. Even though I promote healthy lifestyle (I already cut oily, fried food, junk food, food with preservatives, and etc.), I honestly can’t get rid of sweets, which had always been one of my flaws manifesting in my skin. I am grateful to have a slim figure no matter how many chocolates or candies I eat but then again, too many is not good for the body. I know the owners would agree with me if I say that eating this kind of food should always be in moderation. And probably, one health benefit would be the happy mood you’d get while and after eating them, so be sure to try them! It’s best for gifts as well!

Smart Start Session

Variety ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Aside from cakepops, Millenary Taste also offers cookies, cupcakes, and cakes which could be customized, depending on their customers’ preferences.

Millenary Taste Cakepops
They also make Red Velvet Cupcakes! Photo by Millenary Taste

Overall, I loved it that I even promoted it on social media and I got 14 orders in just a day! Take note that I’m not the business owner here but I felt happy that they are very grateful with the sharing I did. (Leave out a comment if you want an order or check out their Facebook and Instagram via the links posted below!)

Without further ado, let me take this opportunity to share this to you, my sweet readers!


So, here are the contest mechanics.

  • The contest runs from this time until May 28, 2018, Monday, as the deadline of entries.
  • Open to Philippines only. I don’t have funds for shipping and the cakepops might melt hahahaha!
  • 4pcs of cakepops in a box. If you want more then let’s support our small business owners!

Instagram Contest:

  1. Of course, follow my account @jzzyy first and like my post about Millenary Taste Cakepops on Instagram!
  2. Follow Millenary Taste on Instagram as well @millenarytaste
  3. Comment on my post and tag three friends along!
  4. Four winners will also be chosen and will be announced on Monday, around 5PM!

Game! Let’s share the positivity sweets bring us! See you on my next post and contests!


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  1. Thank you so much jezze for sharing our small business in your blog! Continue on sharing positive thoughts ❤
    With love, Marc & Mary

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