New World Hotels and Resorts Run and Raise 5: First Run for 2019

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Hi everyone! Most of us has our own fitness goals this 2019 (and I hope we’re still keeping up to it until now!) and to share it to you, mine is a running and a cycling journey. To start it off, I registered myself for a run which is New World Hotels and Resorts Run and Raise 5, which happened last Sunday, January 20, 2019 at the CCP Complex.

run and raise 5
Photo by New World Hotels and Resorts Run and Raise 5

Before I tell you what happened to the event, feel free to check these articles related to health and wellness!

New World Hotels and Resort Run and Raise on its 5th Year

As you know these runs happen for the purpose of raising funds for charities. New World Hotels and Resort collaborated with ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. to give back to kids, Bantay Bata 163. There are four categories: 3K, 5K, 10K, and 16K. I opted to 10K since I am quite inactive from the holiday season.

Run and Raise 5
Here is the 10K Route.
Photo by Run and Raise 5

Why Run?

Perhaps like me, you might have your own fitness journey and goals. One of my bigger goal this year is to join a Duathlon. It seems impossible at first since I’ve mentioned on my previous posts that I just learned how to ride a bicycle months ago, but why not! Aside from the accomplishment it would just motivate me to get up and enjoy the process of working out. I never had that summer body goals, not to brag, so I can effortlessly wear whatever I want without working too hard for it. However it gives me more of a challenge because how can I even become motivated to workout when aesthetically, there’s no need? As I’ve told you before, my main goal is to sweat a lot to remove toxins from my body and right now, I’ll add another one goal to it: a stronger me.

run and raise 5
We’re almost done here!

I’ll join Duaman Duathlon on June 16 at Nuvali, let me know if you’re going! Would love to meet new friends!

The Experience

With zero practice, I decided just to follow my own pace. I rested for a while, and ran hard when the rhythm of my music tells me to. My legs are strong because I walk a lot everyday, with around 10,000 steps in a day (and sometimes with heels!) but if you’d like to be at your competitive spirit, practice is a must. Before the race on the same week, I just recovered from a sickness thus working out too hard would not be a good idea. Thankfully I finished the run in 1hr and 39 minutes. (Truly proven that I have no workout at all!)

run and raise 5
These two saved me! Thank you for the freebies they gave us, Del Monte Fit N Right Active Isotonic Drink that kept me hydrated, and USANA Procosa that aided in lessening delayed onset muscle soreness! Way to go!

usana supplements

While on the run, I just enjoyed the track. There would be times I have to slow down because I cannot see anything (there were areas with less lights). Sometimes I could even see kids running with their families as well. It was a cute and wonderful sight to behold that families are having fun together, getting healthy together as well. Lastly, Sundays at CCP are extremely fun to be part of — people playing sports, running, and just enjoying outdoors!

Smart Start Session

What’s next?

This is just the start. My next event is CNY Lucky Run 2019 at SM by the Bay to celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year! Once again, let me know if you’re up for it, I’d be happy to have some companions! Most importantly, events are just events, medals are just medals. What we need to take pleasure the most is the process, not the goal itself because if you are already on the path towards that target, you’ll get there no matter what you do. Thus, the best thing is, simply enjoy!

run and raise 5
10K Done!

See you on my next run!


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