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Online Courses To Take (and Sites) To Be Productive At Home

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Hi people! Hope you are all safe and sound at home. With the extension of the enhanced community quarantine, especially in our country Philippines, we are still looking for some things to do while we are at home. I have mentioned on my latest post on the things that we can do during this period. One of them is to immerse ourselves in learning. As I promote education and lifelong learning, I would like to share with you some online courses (that I personally take as well!) that you might want to start enrolling on.

This is called MOOC or Massive Online Open Courses. This aims to provide education remotely and promotes access to anyone who has an internet connection. Traditional education is still flourishing, but with the technological advancements, we can actually learn anywhere and anytime. Here are my top three sites where I learn new skills.

Leadership Courses at Coursera

Price: Free to audit some courses, pay for just the certifications

Partner Institutions: University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University, Yonsei University, Amazon Web Services, and more 

Coursera | Build Skills with Online Courses from Top Institutions

I am not saying leadership courses are found in Coursera alone, but I took mine in here. The good thing about using Coursera is that you can take the courses for free. However, if you want to add a certification that’s the time you pay a fee. The way of instruction here is comprehensive and easy to follow as you have some lecture videos, homeworks, quizzes, and discussion forums to interact with co-students. Moreover, you can also be offered a Mentorship program wherein learners have the chance to mentor others as well, with certain guidelines.

I took a TESOL certification course here before from Arizona State University and I am currently studying a Leadership Specialization offered by Case Western Reserve University. Specializations, on the other hand, contains related online courses on a certain topic. Though these online courses are done virtually, I didn’t have the feeling of boredom, which most people would think in enrolling in these kinds of courses.

Accreditation and Certification Courses at Udemy

Price: Paid, inclusive of certifications

Udemy for Business | The destination for workplace learning

As compared to Coursera, Udemy comes with a fee, but inclusive of certifications. The online courses are really meant to immerse you on the subject matter at hand. I took coaching certification courses here and these courses did not fail my standards in learning. Moreover, you have access to downloadable handouts and study materials on the courses offered. Instead of partnering with specific schools, the focus is more on partnering with individuals. Instructors can also teach here and offer their course (given that they have the credibility on the subject matter).

As I compare Udemy with other platforms, they are more specific, and some businesses are actually purchasing courses here for their employees.

Boost Your Language Skills at eDx

Price: Free to audit some courses, pay for just the certifications

Partner Institutions: Harvard University, MIT, University of California, Berkeley, Kyoto University, Seoul National University, and more

edX | Free Online Courses by Harvard, MIT, & more

While accessing apps such as Memrise and Duolingo, I also find it a great help to look for structure in studying language online courses. With the help of the instructors, you can also learn languages at a basic level here at eDx. The platform is similar to Coursera, and the differences are just the courses offered. There are just differences in the structure but basically the kinds of resources offered are the same. When it comes to user experience, I find it easier to navigate in Coursera than in eDx.

The good thing in edX is the variety of exercises you can find. As I am studying Basic Spanish, there are various interactive activities that will really test your knowledge before moving forward to the next level.

If you are lucky to have the resources in learning, a stable internet connection, a peaceful workplace, then start investing on enrolling in online courses like these. This can surely help you on your future endeavors and can even make your staying at home worthwhile and productive.


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