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Unli-Mix Grill at Premier the Samgyupsal

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Welcome, folks! Rainy days have started and we started to crave with something that will heat up our bodies! However, this is not about a noodle post (you could check out my Marugame Udon post here), this is about another grill post. One of the recent posts I did is on my Mokja Banawe Grill Experience and here I am with another grill experience! I was invited here at Premier the Samgyupsal by my former student who manages the restaurant and this would be the third time I’ll be tasting their food. Without waiting any longer, let’s check this restaurant and what it can offer us!

1. Atmosphere ⭐⭐⭐⭐

premier the samgyupsal
You know you’ll be eating soon when you see their exterior.
Premier the Samgyupsal
Entertainment while waiting.

I have actually been to one of their first branches, Sinsun Tomas Morato and if I would rate the place I would give it a 2.5 since it wasn’t that organized at that time we arrived and some tables aren’t clean yet. On the other hand, Premier the Samgyupsal Mabini branch is different: the tables are clean and even though it is raining outside, you can’t see any dirty footprints on the floor. Moreover, KPop was played all over so you wouldn’t mind the noise of other people. The downside is that, I couldn’t record my voice even with a mic but that’s not a big deal. Anyway, there are also televisions which would make your experience more mouth-watering with the visuals you see from other people’s eating experience. Lastly, one new thing I saw from this restaurant is the power outlet. Each table has its own!

2. Food ⭐⭐⭐

premier the samgyupsal
Premier the Samgyupsal Menu
Premier the Samgyupsal
Tadaaaa! Our grill + side dishes.
Premier the Samgyupsal
Unli mix after grilling! Could you see the pork, beef, and chicken?

The food can totally satisfy your cravings. However, with all the Korean restaurants I’ve tried, I couldn’t see any striking difference. Perhaps because they are all Korean? Anyway, they are all delicious and I wouldn’t bother to make a review if it wasn’t worth my time. It tasted the same with their Tomas Morato branch as well, so that’s a good experience with regards to consistency. Moreover, as what manager Junho Gi said, they have aging refrigerators in each branch which makes the meat more delicious after three days that the meat was butchered. The aging refrigerator keeps the temperature at zero, which is crucial for the process. Thus, it makes the samgyupsal tender and juicy while keeping the nutrients. The side dishes are fresh as well and eating it makes my tummy ready for a bigger meal. Overall, Korean restaurants, especially grills are amazing since you witness how the food is cooked, enhancing your eating experience.

3. Customer Service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I don’t have any nice photos of the staff, but I was glad to be assisted by one of them. They greeted us when we entered and all of them have smiling faces. Aside from that, they have a bell which enables us to call the staff without too much effort. Nevertheless, the staff are everywhere and they would ask you if you needed something. You can see in my Youtube video below on my whole experience even with the staff!

Smart Start Session

4. Accessibility ⭐⭐⭐

Premier the Samgyupsal
Screenshot from Google Maps.

It is not too near my place, but you can easily access this restaurant from Taft Avenue. We took off the Pedro Gil LRT Station and walked for around 10mins to the location. I rated it four since it was raining and it would be totally perfect if we do not need to walk much (even though I am a fan of walking). For some who isn’t into walking, this might not too accessible for them.

5. Overall Dining Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5!

Totally satisfying with the whole experience! Perhaps, I’m the kind of person who really loves eating thus experiences like these would be a very happy one for me. If you’re like that, then go! You’ll not just satisfy your tummy, but you’ll satisfy your emotions as well.

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See you on my next yummy post!


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