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Empower Workshop: See Yourself in the Future

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If you already know, I am part of a community of health and wellness advocates, Smart Start Session and you’ve probably read my previous posts about it. The 30th of June started as an enjoyable day for me — touring my siblings around the Metro but tiring in the middle. I started to have headaches since I got up earlier than usual. At 4pm, I headed to Twin Oaks Place where the learning session, Empower Workshop, was conducted. However, without my full spirit, I felt like my head was being hammered on both sides and exhaustion is engulfing me.

Empower Workshop
Small group starting the learning session.

The Speaker

The session started with Ms. Maradona Sison-Pasco, or Mara, (a mompreneur and a lady who loves to share about motivation, empowerment, and the like) talks about her personal story. She also counted the times that she was struggling and her changed perceptions as she was starting her endeavors with her husband.

On the side, the interesting about her is that, she has two kids and they don’t have television at home. To some, it may seem like depriving them with this rectangular thing at home. However, I personally met these kids and they are more enriched with real-life experiences. Watching TV isn’t really bad but watching too much is. Habits start to form when we are young. Feel free to check out my previous article regarding kid’s screen time.

Empower Workshop
Mentor Mara, as we call her, is our speaker for the day.
Empower Workshop
With her daughter, Max.

Empower Workshop Proper

Going back, as I wasn’t much energetic and I’ve known some of her story before, the pounding of my head doesn’t stop. After she gave her part, she said that she’d prepared an activity for us. That’s when things felt different to me. She handed us 1/4 illustration boards, old magazines, glue and scissors. She told everyone, that today, our product is a Vision Board.

What is a Vision Board?

The vision board is a tangible visual representation that you will craft in order to help you see yourself in the next years. It has been widely used in different occasions. She gave a great example through the celebrity Ellen DeGeneres. In Ellen’s vision board, she wanted to be featured in O Magazine (by Oprah Winfrey). O Magazine, to give you an idea, features only Oprah in the cover (one time it’s first lady Michelle Obama and that’s it). Thus, as she was attracting it, she was invited by Oprah to put her face in the cover after some time.

You may want to check out the videos below.

Who said you can’t be a magazine cover as well? Kidding aside, who said you can’t reach your goals if you see yourself in it?

How to Make a Vision Board

The procedures are pretty simple. As I was telling you my tiring day, even though I was eaten by exhaustion (almost!), I started to shift myself in completing my vision board.

  1. Take some photos. You can cut it out on a magazine, or you may use your own personal photos. Glue it on the board.
  2. The photos should represent what you want to be in the future or how you see yourself: vision.
  3. Place it in a strategic position. It can be in your room, desk, or work area. The effect of it should be something that makes you get out of bed when you wake up. Empowerment and motivation.
  4. Share to your mentors! Whoever are on your side as you go with your endeavors, feel free to share this to them so they know how they could help you.
Empower Workshop
Marc and Mary, small business owners. are happy to start their journey with us!
Empower Workshop
These two are busy searching for their future!
Empower Workshop
Standing 5’8″ in height, Personal Trainer and Future Runway Model, Tonette shares why she wants to be a magazine cover in the near future.

The day made my body ready to drop but I never regretted to extend hours of learning. I’ll probably apply Empower Workshop with my students sometime. You might want to try this out with your colleagues, friends, employees, or at home, too!

Smart Start Session

For more learning sessions, come and visit Smart Start Session’s Facebook Page.

Catch us on our next meaningful events!

Empower Workshop
Happy people, indeed!



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