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Find the Right One: Weight Management Workshop by Smart Start Session

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Last Saturday, March 17, 2018, one of the communities where I am affiliated to, Smart Start Session, had an event entitled Find The Right One, a workshop on Weight Management. It was hosted by no other than, yours truly (haha!) and conducted by our Head Health Coach and Senior Partner, Krizia Erika Paylago, RND.

Smart Start Session Weight Management Workshop Host Jezze
Told you, it’s mee! Photo by Mara Pasco
Smart Start Session Workshop RND
Ms. Erika discussing the energy balance. Photo by Mara Pasco.

So, what else was in there? What did we get?

1. Why the Filipino Diet is sometimes quite unhealthy.

We know for a fact that there are some recipes that are healthy but let’s face the truth, we love food that are salty. We even have the sawsawan even though the meat is already tasty enough.

And you’re not alone. I am a Filipino too who loves to eat those. (Huhu, guilty.)

Aside from that, we also love oily food, sweet food, and so on. It might seem we couldn’t do anything about it, but there would always be a way. One thing she discussed is moderation and balancing. We can still eat them but we should increase the amount of other food such as veggies to balance it out. Who wouldn’t want to eat adobo with broccoli and carrots? Or burgers with more tomatoes and lettuce instead of just using the regular patties alone and mayo? Still, yummy.

Weight Management
Key: Make your burgers colorful! Add more veggies instead of patties.


2. Why people lose it and gain it, again. And again.

Have you ever decided to lose weight on a New Year’s Eve and started it on a New Year’s Day? Then, quitted after 1-2 months of doing it? (Or earlier? Haha, relate?) After that, suddenly, you decided to workout again because the sun’s shining bright outside and the beach waves are calling you soon?

As you’ve noticed, it’s a cycle. Many individuals couldn’t break the cycle because of the fluctuating emotions towards a certain task. As what Ms. Erika mentioned, we should treat weight management as a lifestyle habit, not a sudden change. Instead of changing ourselves one-time and then giving up in the middle, why not start in small steps until we get used to it and incorporate it in our daily lives?

We learned how to walk because we had a coach (our guardians) who would teach us how to stand first before we had our little steps. I guess there is no baby who just walked upon being taught. It’s the same with our goals.

Smart Start Session Weight Management Workshop
The first step is deciding.


3. Checking the label is essential.

The two things I mentioned above might seem basic, but checking the label, the  nutritional facts of everything we buy is very important too. Is there a time when one of your friends started checking the calories, and you mockingly told (or thought about!) him/her, “Wow, you’re on a diet?” or, “Just eat it, love you body you’re in!”?

In fact, the person is loving his/her body.

Being critical to the food you eat means you value the body you’re in. We only have one body to live in. However, I don’t really ask you, my dear readers, not to eat what is pleasurable for you but do that in moderation (I’m also struggling like you, but trying my best!) Anyway, going back, Ms. Erika told us as well that if we have illnesses or some of our organs aren’t functioning well, we must be more thorough in checking the back part of what we eat. Like for example, if I already have kidney problems, why would I eat chips which has more sodium content than the healthier nutrients?

Check the label: Are you getting what your body needs? Or in excess to it?


Weight management is not all about your physical will, but more on your psychological drive to really manage your weight. It takes a lot of discipline to do it, just like any habit that we would like to form. Those are the ones mostly discussed in our event. The thing I like about the event is that, aside from it being a simple lecture, the health coach encourages people to speak out and ask their concerns on their health. There was also a Q&A part wherein you could have real-time consultation during the talk, and that’s for free.

So, who else were there?

Smart Start Session Weight Management Workshop
Members, Health Professionals, Parents, Individuals who aspire for good health, Personal Trainers

1. Members of Smart Start Session

Smart Start Session is a community of individuals who are hungry for learning (Learn more on what we do here). Mostly are health professionals but I’m not, so I got first-hand information on health advice (I sometimes get free consultations hehehe). Members get the workshops for free and a very minimal price if there would be a specialized training. That’s why most members grab this opportunity for learning, and it’s mostly conducted on weekends.

If you want to be part of us, click here.

2. Invited People from Social Media

We publish our events online and thus we invite as much as people as we can! The more, the merrier. Some of the attendees got invited by the members as well. As a person who invites others (of course I’m the host! haha), I got a lot of positive feedback from those who attended the workshops. They felt that they saw a different kind of learning in a very relaxed and happy setting.

3. Partners from other companies, communities, and fitness facilities

This year Smart Start Session opened its doors to new and bigger partners, and we get to invite each other in our events. During this event, aside from Ms. Erika speaking alone, there were some attendees from Anytime Fitness BGC High Street who shared their insights on their experience with clients on the fitness field. Thus, it becomes a more holistic discussion for weight management instead of talking about the food alone, or the exercise alone.


Smart Start Session Weight Management Workshop
Coach Jev from Anytime Fitness BGC High Street. One of the pioneers in the club! Photo by Mara Pasco.
Smart Start Session Weight Management
Coach Kim, one of our great Personal Trainers from BGC! Photo by Mara Pasco.
Smart Start Session Workshop weight management
Sir Art Galicia, Assistant Manager of Anytime Fitness BGC High Street who always supports us in our events! With Ms. Erika and Ms. Mara Pasco, Senior Partners of Smart Start Session.
Smart Start Session Weight Management Workshop
Everyone! Photo by Mara Pasco.

So that was it! It was a fun learning experience for everyone. But it doesn’t end there because we have more workshops in store for people! (Check my schedule of events below!) While it is Lenten Season, let’s take some time to meditate on our holistic well-being and of course, that includes our health. And lastly, we could probably start to form new habits while we have more time this week. Hope to see you on our next sessions!

Schedule of events:


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