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Things That Quarantine Taught Us About Ourselves

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Hi everyone! Hope you are all safe and sound at home. We’ve talked on our past few posts about the quarantine life, how we can cultivate a growth mindset, and being productive as well. For this short read, let’s dive into some realizations for the past months that we stayed at home.

The quarantine made us value personal relationships and interactions.

If you are staying at home with your loved ones, then you’re fortunate not to be alone during this period. There are individuals who cannot go back to their homes for reasons like they got stranded here, or they are working as frontliners. To some, it made them realize how important personal connection is. Humans are naturally inclined to interactions. Thanks to technology, we are not too limited to connect. You might have encountered yourself messaging someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. For others, they might have made new online friends. Nevertheless, the quarantine made new experiences, still, even at the comfort of our homes.

People Wearing DIY Masks
There might be distance between us, but we still value the relationships and interactions we have.

You probably got better on your hobbies, too.

Since we subtracted some time for working (I know a lot of you are leading a busy lifestyle), we felt that we had more empty slots to do things and to some, they don’t want it to be unproductive. Whether it may be cooking, learning how to play the piano, singing, dancing, or learning a new language, that is probably something that you should be thankful for. In my case, I’ve immersed myself in enrolling to online courses that I wanted to study before. The quarantine might’ve robbed the salary that we’re supposed to earn, but let’s not stop enriching ourselves with knowledge. If you’re equipped with it, you can definitely move forward, no matter what crisis may arise.

To some of you, you might have took care of yourself, better.

Did you ever try to start an exercise routine during this quarantine? What about skin care? Some of you might’ve tried meditating too. There are sure a lot of ways to take care of ourselves holistically and a lot of us realized it during the quarantine. Sometimes, when we are in a health crisis, that’s when we give importance to our health. However, it’s not too late. Instead of cultivating bad habits of hopelessness, try to look at the other side that this quarantine might contribute to our well-being.

In my case, I still do my daily routines, and I love it that I can enjoy it with my family.


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My packages arrived!! 📦 Happy to receive this pack for my overall #health with the brands I love! – – Though I missed running sooooo much, I’ve been practicing Pilates from @jessicavalantpilates for some time, especially the Scolioisis routine (I have it) and it really lessened the pain in my body! (Spinal balance is still the most challenging) Thus, added some bands for equipments from that I’m excited to try out with some new routines. Check some snippets, swipe left! #SportsForEveryJuan 👉 – And of course nothing completes the start of your day with proper supplementation! Together with great food, my daily dose of vitamins supports me on every activity I do 💚💙 – – More packages arriving soon and I’m excited! Let’s do an unboxing soon? Who’s using these? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #LiveUSANA

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The economy is starting to boom again, and here comes the rise of e-commerce.

As an entrepreneur, we don’t really stop until we find solutions to problems. We might have thought at first that corona stopped businesses from moving but we must look for other ways to survive and help. With this, a lot of online businesses emerged because a business is something that is supposed to address a challenge. In this case, deliveries, health-related products, movie subscriptions and the like became in-demand. It is nice to hear that people are constantly innovating in order to serve others and be of value. And so if you see someone selling something online, support them. If you can’t buy from them, just share it.

Here’s How To Support Local Businesses like Ours During The Coronavirus Pandemic – ziveli
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You want to know who your friends are? Start your own business and ask for their support. – Steve Jobs

Lastly, we are starting to take care of the environment, and be better inhabitants.

Some of you started going “carless” and began using a bicycle to go around. There are also people who realized the bad effects of eating too much meat and changed their food preferences. As you all noticed, since there are no people around the streets, the morning air started to feel better, the color of the seas started to become brighter, and so on. To some, it made people feel how awful creatures we are. Surely, we should not go back to our old ways once things get back to normal. There must be a new normal. The new normal does not have to entail being at home all the time, but being cautious on our personal decisions in life. It can be throwing the trash on the streets, or simply not washing our hands — these things can definitely change the future that we would be all in.

So there you go folks! That is just my take on the events that transpired. Did you feel it, too? I’ll definitely see you on my next posts!



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