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USANA Celavive Skin Care Regimen Product Review: A Beauty Investment

Another skin care post as I’ve promised! I’ve shared you cheap hacks on my previous posts about Olive Oil as Makeup Remover and DIY Face Masks with Aloe Gel. Now I am about to review USANA Celavive Skin Care Regimen since I am on my second bottle of facial foam and it would be better to share my experience.

Updated: Another  article here on my take on supplementation:

I have used this product when my skin was on its dry state. Believe it or not, my skin was oily turned dry and now it’s oily again. I thought I’ll be forever oily but having experienced both worlds I’d rather be oily than dry. It means, it was the worst time of my skin when it was dry. My colleagues are raving about this Celavive Skin Care line and so I gave it a try. I am a very skeptical person with skincare because I’ve tested a lot and only a few passed my standards (it means they’re not too effective!!) No matter how effective it might be for others, I always think my skin is a different story. So, let me share what this skin care line did with my skin and what it can do to you, too.

The Lineup

In the Philippines, the following products are available. However, in other countries, they have a complete lineup.

  • Conditioning Makeup Remover
  • Creamy Foam Cleanser
  • Perfecting Toner
  • Protective Day Lotion (oily/combination) / Protective Day Cream (dry/sensitive)
  • Replenishing Night Gel (oily/combination) / Replenishing Night Cream (dry/sensitive)
  • Hydrating Eye Essence
  • Vitalizing Serum

I purchased the ones in bold, since I still have other products and I am an economical person. That time those are things I just needed.

USANA Celavive Skin Care

Creamy Foam Cleanser


Usana Celavive
Screenshot from
Usana Celavive
Here are the list of ingredients! Screenshot from

Okay. So before buying any products what I’m very particular is the ingredients since I have very sensitive skin. The first thing I looked for are parabens but there’s none so it’s safe! But then what caught my eye is fragrance. Oh no.

But did I continue on trying it? Yes I did, since it’s dermatologically tested and they claimed that it’s good for sensitive skin. Now let me give you a more organized verdict:


  • No harsh chemicals, and upon using it, it doesn’t make me itch.
  • If you have sensitive skin, this foamy cleanser really foams so it’s great to use! I mean, other foam cleansers out there are more on bubbles or there would be some that you cleanse it on your face and yet you can still feel the palms of your hands, you get what I mean. I heard it’s very essential for a cleanser to foam so that the roughness of your palms doesn’t irritate your skin. Like a sandwich — your palms, the cleanser, and your face.
  • It does have fragrance, but the smell isn’t bad!
  • This is the selling point of this facial wash for me: After cleansing, I feel like there is no need for me to wear makeup and all. Let it dry and then you see how clean your face is. No joke, I sometimes go out with just eyebrows and lip tint.


  • It’s quite pricey for some people when I asked them, it costs 1600PHP or $32 but then I could say it’s a good investment. It’s the same price with some high-end Korean products I’ve tried like Laneige and I could say it’s not expensive if it doesn’t have a claim.

And guys, I just wrote one disadvantage of this product because for me this is the best product in the lineup! It’s for you to try out to see its potential. But let’s review more!


Perfecting Toner

Usana Celavive Skin Care
Screenshot from
Usana Celavive Skin Care
Ingredients! I saw some wonderful ones here! Screenshot from

This is my third step in my skin care routine (if no makeup) and let’s get straight to the pros and cons of this product.


  • I saw some nice ingredients here! I didn’t mind the fragrance anymore since it’s clinically tested. As you can see, it contains Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen which I usually find in serums and so these two ingredients are the key to moisture! It would work well if you are dry and aging.
  • It really cleans the dirt. I still have dirt on my cotton pad when I use it. To be honest I am actually not quite sure if it’s the toner that works or the cleanser wasn’t able to strip off the dirt.
  • Doesn’t irritate me. For some toners I’ve used my face usually turns red when I put it in but then I just look like fresh from the bath. We want that appearance, right?
  • From this product they have the InCelligence Technology, a cell-signaling technology in which they told us, for easy comprehension, is a technology wherein cells “talk” to each other and “work” together to achieve the results you desire.


  • Same price as the above, it would be pricey for some.
  • It’s doesn’t lessen the appearance of my pimples. I’m not sure with the others or maybe it’s a lifestyle problem but if you’re acne prone, this is not used to treat your acne.


Vitalizing Serum

Usana Celavive Skin Care
Screenshot from
Usana Celavive Skin Care
Surprisingly, the ingredients are not redundant with the toner! Screenshot from


  • With the people I asked who used this, they told me that they noticeably saw a difference in their pore size. I guess this is also the reason why after cleansing, after some time of adapting to this skin care I felt like I put pressed powder on my face.
  • My face felt plump after using it! Not sure if it’s the stickiness of the serum but it felt bouncy!
  • It lasts for a long time! You don’t have to put a lot of serum, a pea-sized amount would do. Thus, it costs 2400PHP and that’s roughly $48 but I’m on my second month with one bottle only and my mom is also using it with me. And effective serums in my opinion cost more than 1000PHP or $20, so it’s worth the money!


  • Well, whenever I sometimes unintentionally put more than the desired amount and so it stings with some of my pimples.
  • Even though my face felt plump, it felt sticky that I don’t want to put any more moisturizer. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing.
  • I guess serums are optional, so I felt like I don’t have the need to use it especially it works well if your skin problems are fine lines and wrinkles. My problem is acne and so even though it made my skin well-hydrated, again, it didn’t cure the pimples.


Smart Start Session


Last but not the least, Hydrating Eye Essence

Usana Celavive Skin Care
Screenshot from
Usana Celavive Skincare
You see peptides here? They are the core components of InCelligence Technology. Screenshot from


  • I am a big fan of eye essences, and I’ve been using it since I was 20. Why? Side story, my Korean friend gave me an eye cream from Innisfree and it was his gift because it’s common for Korean people to use that at that age to avoid premature aging (not that he saw wrinkles in me!) Thus, eye essences kept me from crow’s feet that I saw in some people in their 20s, even in the same age as mine. So, I didn’t see any progress of wrinkles coming out of my eyes. If I have wrinkles I could make a better review perhaps?
  • It feels cool to the eyes especially if you put it in the fridge (I put my beauty products there, it’s hot in the Philippines)
  • It has an applicator! You don’t have to put in your fingers to apply.
  • Like the serum, it lasts long. Eye essences/creams are not supposedly to be consumed in large amounts thus small-sized applications are recommended. I bet this would last more than 5 months so 2400PHP or $48 doesn’t really cost much. I don’t need to think about my next purchase as well.


  • I didn’t see any difference. I couldn’t totally say this is one of the cons but then just to put something here (haha) perhaps I should  check out the difference it makes to older people. Because I don’t have noticeable eye wrinkles (maybe all of my eye creams including this are effective!) thus I have a neutral feel with this product. Let me give you a review after 10 years!

The Final Say!

So, that’s it. Just a note, all prices that I’ve mentioned are member’s price. As you know, USANA has a membership privilege so I got them discounted since I regularly purchase supplements from them. (Let me know if you want a review of their supplements!) The best products I would surely repurchase are the Creamy Foam Cleanser and the Hydrating Eye Essence since it’s worth it! But I would still look for products which could probably heal my acne, or change some of my food and lifestyle (I love sweets and dairy………………………..) and I’m actually into putting less on my skin, so four products would do. On my first week, I didn’t see any difference and I felt quite frustrated but then I saw the returns after 2-3 weeks. My mother actually asked me if I put powder foundation but oh well, I didn’t! So I know it worked! So if your skin is stubborn like me don’t fret and each skin is unique on its own so wait for the results and continue using the product.

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below! All the best with our skin!



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  1. My sister has been buying the products and I tried it myself since it’s in the bathroom, haha! It’s showing magic on my skin! 🙂 Where did you purchase yours?

  2. This is a good read .
    Celavive has Incelligence technology which is like directly talking to your skin. This technology involves communicating to your skin cells by sending signals and telling it to do its job well.The result is a healthy and young-looking skin .
    A beautiful skin really starts from within so Celavive is worth trying.

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