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Veet Hair Removal Cream: For Your Sensitive Skin

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Hi readers! I’ve written this post because I have seen the effects on myself and I just can’t stop myself raving about it! My friend Elka who introduced Nail & Co. on our pampering session in my previous post told me about this product, Veet Hair Removal Cream. I think I’ve tried this product before but as for now, I could see a great effect on my hair. Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, sponsored to promote this product. This is my personal opinion and probably others have a different experience, too.

With that, let’s give a short review about the product, shall we?

Veet Hair Removal Cream
Veet Sensitive Hair Removal Cream.
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Veet offers a lot of products for hair removal and one of it is the Veet Hair Removal Cream. For the creams, it can be for normal skin and it can be for sensitive skin. What I bought is Veet Brightening Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin which contains microbeads that removes not just hair, but also dead skin cells. Let me show you some useful information regarding the specifics of the products.

Veet Hair Removal Cream
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Veet Hair Removal Cream
Safety Information.
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Easy usage, right? Actually, this product saves me time. Aside from that, let me show you the Pros and Cons of using Veet Hair Removal Cream and why I really want to share it with you.

Veet Hair Removal Cream: The Verdict


  • Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin at 25g is affordable. It costs me around 170PHP (not sure of the exact price but it’s at around $3). The bottle lasts for a long time.
  • It can be bought in stores conveniently.
  • You don’t have to go outside to have your hair removed. I used to go to waxing salons but aside from the fact that it would cost me money, it also costs me time.
  • You have options if you have normal skin or sensitive skin.
  • You can shower after using it! To those of you who have been waxing, it is not allowed to shower or wet the part of the body for around 6 hours but here, you have to rinse the part well with water. This is because the product should not stay longer in your skin. Thus, it gives you a cleaner feeling.
  • Lastly, (and my favorite!), my hair did not grow too thick after using it! I used to shave before and of course, it gave me unwanted hair growth and some of my hairs become thick, that’s why I resulted to waxing. Waxing made it better but the effect is not greatly significant. However, on this product, I felt saw that my hair became thinner! Or I could also say that perhaps, it didn’t grow as fast as it could.

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  • If you are sensitive to smell, you might find the smell a little bit sharp because of the presence of Urea. Urea, in beauty products are used as an ingredient to aid the loss of moisture. Feel free to read here for more details.
  • There are some parts of your body that it might not work. I tried using it on my legs and on my armpits but it is the most effective on my legs (where I gave the comment above). As for the armpits, yes, it removes the hair, but there are times it does not completely remove. Moreover, Veet Hair Removal Cream does not make the armpit hair thinner. I would still opt to have it waxed most of the time.
Veet Hair Removal Cream
No more hair?
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Final Words

Having body hair is completely fine. There would be instances that we would be influenced by what we see and social norms which dictates us that having body hair, thick or thin, is unwanted. As for me, my perspective is that, I feel cleaner every time I remove some of my body hair. People should think of hair removal not as a necessity but rather just a want. For example, you originally don’t have earrings when you were born, right? However, because you find earrings nice on yourself, or on your personality, you started wearing it. I guess, in my opinion, it’s the same with body hair. Maybe you’re thinking, so what’s your point of promoting the product? Well, I believe we have our preferences and for those people like me who prefer to remove their body hair, I would love to take Veet Hair Removal Cream as an option. Our body hair definitely has its use scientifically but I think it wouldn’t hurt removing some parts of it, right? For those of you like me, I would highly recommend this product. Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried it! Will I still repurchase? Definitely.



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