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A Not-So-Good Start to the New Year

A Not-So-Good Start to the New Year

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  1. I felt your pain on loosing Lucky :(. Condolences. I have a dog of 3 years and our bond just get stronger last year. Just thinking about loosing him crushes my soul so I make sure to enjoy every moment with my bb dog.🐕🐕

    On setting goals on self-improvement this year, I try to be more forgiving to myself when I am struggling with mistakes. I am always trying my best to try another strategy that works best on me. Also as much as possible, I always stand in the center, that way I don’t get too excited or too sad tho it is easier said than done loool.

    Struggles humble us, it reminds us that we are not yet finished with ourselves and we must continue on improving ourselves until our last breath.

    If time permits, I would like to attend at one of your events soon. Happy New Year!!


    1. Jezze

      Hi Jean!

      Thankfully, Lucky is alive hehe, we just lost him to another family. But anyway there’s a completely new update and right now he’s with us!
      Haha! I’ll tell you the story soon 🙂

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