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A Not-So-Good Start to the New Year

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Hi folks! I felt it was such a long time (it was last year haha!) since I made an article for you. This time, everyone is truly hyped up to start their 2019, set new resolutions, create new habits. However, are there some people who did not start their new year right? It was the start of the year yet you are already bombarded with challenges and struggles in different aspects of your life?

I’m with you.

New Year
This was basically me for almost a week already. Photo Source:

A lot of people who have been reading my articles know the positivity I bring to people by sharing words of encouragements and the like. It has been part of my career to build a team and guide them on their improvements. On the other hand, as I am writing this first article in the cold breeze of the January night, I never felt so lonely. Usually, I would take short breaks in writing and talk to Lucky, asking him how is he, and saying nonsense words just to amuse myself. I’d say my “Goodnight” and “I love you” more than ten times just to seek his attention. He would sometimes disturb me, too, whenever he sees shadows outside or hears cats playing on the roof. When the time comes I really have to sleep, I’d tell him that we’ll talk and play the next day. Of course, the morning after that, he’s the first one that I’d find to greet “Good morning” even though I know he’s still asleep.

Before New Year’s Eve came, Lucky is no longer with me.

Who is Lucky?

New Year Dog
Lucky when he was a baby. So adorable!

Lucky is my lovely dog. He’s not a Golden Retriever, he’s a mix of a Japanese Spitz and Dachshund. He’s been with me for almost two years and he will have his birthday next month. Sadly, my brother has allergies and he is quite aggressive at times. Thus, my parents decide to find another owner for him. We went to Bicol this holiday vacation and we went with him on the trip. The day before New Year’s Eve, my father found Tita Grace with her husband, who are pet lovers as well. When they arrived on my grandparents’ house to get Lucky, I just couldn’t accept it. At that day, I fixed Lucky’s food, talked to him for a while, not knowing that I’m not going to see him for a long time. Tears automatically flowed like a river and I never had the chance to say a proper goodbye. From that day onward, I have no space for fun and festivity. For some it might seem such a shallow reason but for me, you cannot compare losing a person and losing a pet, especially if you have invested emotions to it.

Lucky New Year
During my break, I would sit and play with him. He truly removes stress and any negativities around me!
Lucky New Year
Older version of him, he would meddle with things in the household.

Thankfully, Tita Grace and her family is really nice and they got along in the first week. We’ll surely visit Lucky on May during the summer vacation.

Lucky New YEar
Her son is happily caressing Lucky, after they went out for a stroll.

Can You Still Start Continue the New Year Right?

Lucky didn’t leave me after all. He just found a more suitable place. Thus, I am just treating this like a long-distance relationship and I’ll see him soon. I might not have started 2019 right emotionally but this is not an excuse to make the whole 2019 my worst year. Therefore, what can you do? Smart Start Session

1. Accept things that are not in your control and move along with the things that you have the capacity to manipulate.

I accepted the fact that I can’t return him back. However, I can make a way to visit him. You might have started the year broke and unemployed. You can’t return the money you spent. However, you can find ways to earn money. The New Year might be a rough one for you since you were faced with a natural calamity (in the area that we passed by, some houses are flooded due to the storm that hit the Philippines). On the other hand, you should appreciate the fact that you are still alive, and rebuild things again. Due to the holiday season, you might have not finished your goals for 2018. Well, they say time is a human construct, social construct, and etc. but why not take control of it and set your own timeline and pace?

New Year
Have your own concept of time.

2. When you already moved past your struggles, plan ahead. 

In the book of Brian Tracy entitled, Time Management, he mentioned that:

There is a rule that every minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution.

I totally believe in this, being a person who loves to organize things before taking action. I had instances wherein after a down moment, I had the urge to act on impulse because I am not afraid to take risks anymore after losing a lot. However, I learned my lesson that it does not help to just act right away without planning things. Sure, it is helpful to get that adrenaline flowing again and take any chances that might come on the way. When you just had a breakup in a relationship, do you think it is advisable for you to get into a new relationship again? In cases wherein your business went wrong, do you think it is advisable to risk all the assets you have just to save it? Planning is like a cushion; when you hit on something, it would lessen the impact of you being hurt. It makes you anticipate things that are likely to happen and develop different solutions from it.

New Year
There is no harm in planning! You will get more direction on your goals.

3. Execute! Gradually, step by step.

Whilst some people would have that hype on starting something new and executing their plans, maintaining it and committing to it would be a struggle along the way. The higher your energy at the start, the greater the impact of a downward smash at the time you did not fulfill those. This is basically my experience with people. I have seen so much people who are really excited to hit something, may it be their goals or other milestones. However, the time that they’re facing obstacles, the exhilarating feeling is equally replaced with a disheartened one, making some people stop on what they started. For this, what I usually do is take control of my emotions but still keep that excitement and passion burning. The key here is more on self-awareness. I believe that our emotions on both ends of the spectrum, whether it be positive or negative, could have adverse effects if not regulated properly. Take the steps gradually, and assess yourself whether you can already jump.

New Year
You might take a leap, but you can take small steps to gain that momentum once you memorized the path that you are taking.

So there!

From a sad post what do we get? Something to overcome for the year. I was somehow grateful I was faced with a challenge at the start of the year because I know these hurdles should make me stronger. Just like when you’re hitting the gym, you don’t get that body goals if you don’t feel the pain!

Speaking of fitness, let me share my previous article of my journey here. You may want to check out this event on our community on health as well!

New Year
Click the image for event details.

And finally, I’ll be giving a talk on the 19th on Time Management! Hope to see you there!

New Year
Click on the image for event details.


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  1. I felt your pain on loosing Lucky :(. Condolences. I have a dog of 3 years and our bond just get stronger last year. Just thinking about loosing him crushes my soul so I make sure to enjoy every moment with my bb dog.🐕🐕

    On setting goals on self-improvement this year, I try to be more forgiving to myself when I am struggling with mistakes. I am always trying my best to try another strategy that works best on me. Also as much as possible, I always stand in the center, that way I don’t get too excited or too sad tho it is easier said than done loool.

    Struggles humble us, it reminds us that we are not yet finished with ourselves and we must continue on improving ourselves until our last breath.

    If time permits, I would like to attend at one of your events soon. Happy New Year!!


    1. Hi Jean!

      Thankfully, Lucky is alive hehe, we just lost him to another family. But anyway there’s a completely new update and right now he’s with us!
      Haha! I’ll tell you the story soon 🙂

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