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Hi, it’s Jezze. And why do I share?

Dear Readers,

As an educator, I have learned that the best way to master things is to teach them again. Sharing is a win-win situation –  you become an expert on what you’re sharing (since you’ve been hearing the thing you’ve shared everywhere) and the receiver of the information becomes educated.

My dear friends would message me and ask me advice regarding people, skin problems, career, and so much more.

Thus, I thought, they are not alone in their problems, concerns, and experiences, and you as well. You’re not the only person having acne problems. And also not the only one getting demotivated with that career you’re in. You’re not the only one who wants to go to that newly opened restaurant. And perhaps, you’re not the only one who wants to watch the Northern Lights. Therefore, sharing saves so much time. Instead of giving a single person an answer to his or her problem, why not create posts that would answer questions of others as well? That would be an amazing way to inspire a multitude of people.

I could not say I am an expert on all these things, but what I have are firsthand experiences for your reference. I once heard from someone say that experience is the best teacher, but learning from others’ experience would  be better than the best. No one wouldn’t want to try a product who gave 10 bad reviews, right?

Lifestyle and learning are two major things I’d like to tackle. I live for empowerment, motivation, and a minimalist, happy life.

Even though I share through this blog, I would also be happy to share more than what I post! Know more on what I do here. You could also reach out to me through different social media sites:


Hope my website would spark something in you!


All the best in everything,