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Boost Your Productivity By Scheduling Your Day Using Google Calendar

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Admit it, there are some folks who thrive on routine while there are others who don’t. Routine is important, especially when you want to establish certain habits. People eat breakfast everyday, take a shower, work out at a specific time because their body is programmed to do such at that moment. There are definitely many ways to organize a day: create a to-do list, use a calendar, or just plainly remember it. For this article, I’ll be showing you the benefits of using a calendar, specifically Google Calendar, to schedule your day-to-day activities.

First, take note that most of us are stuck on our phones.

The reality is that, people are using their phones roughly around 3 hours in a day. You might think, “3 hours, is that even long?” Well if we compute, 3 hours is 90 minutes in a month, that gives us around 3 days in a month spend purely on using our smartphones. Anyway, we can make this smartphone usage productive by managing our time well. If there are realities that are hard to remove, might as well, transform it into something useful.

With this, using a calendar that can be used online would be very helpful. Most of us are addicted in that “ding” we hear from our notifications. Why not make that “ding” a reminder to do something useful?

Do you have that excited feeling when a notification pops up? Turn that feeling into something more productive.

Google Calendar can be synced on your devices.

I’ve been using this app for a long time, and it has been the simplest, user-friendly app to use. Moreover, you can sync it to your devices regardless if you are using iOs or Android. You can also add participants, friends who you would do the same activities as yours. You can also color code your activities to further categorize it. The process of planning your day should not be treated as something tedious, but something fun, indeed!


You’ll definitely have that feeling of fulfillment, when you finish all the tasks you needed to do.

At the end of the day, you have something to look forward to, and you have recorded the things that you do. You won’t have that feeling of not knowing what you did yesterday, last week and so on. Moreover, you can have a track of habits that you want to establish. Instead of installing numerous apps for productivity, why not integrate them all in your calendar? Sometimes, too much hinders us from the productivity that we want to achieve.

Of course, traditional calendars such as planners are also helpful to use, and using Google Calendar is just a suggestion as we transition into a lot of virtual events. Give it a try and see how it would help you in your productivity.

See you on my next post!


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