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DIY Face Mask for 10PHP (around $0.2) per piece!

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Hello everyone! You’ve read on my previous post how I love to do DIY and experiment on skin care products making my Olive Oil from the kitchen as a make-up remover. As a person who wouldn’t want to spend on something I think wouldn’t be great investments, products that work with less cost are great to share with everyone. You don’t really have to splurge because you think it’s good! Sometimes, we are just impulsive because we saw that nice product packaging (admit it, been there done that, haha!) Thus, I would love to share what I use as a DIY face mask for the cost of around 10PHP ($0.2)! Yes, you read that right. There’s nothing out there in store thus we are going to make it, do it yourself!

What you need in making your DIY face mask:

DIY Face Masks
What you need: A toner/moisturizer/serum and compressed masks

Toner/Moisturizer/Serum/Ampoules or anything in your skincare routine which isn’t too creamy and not very watery. Just the right amount of viscosity.

I’m a fan of Aloe Gel since I have sensitive skin. Whenever I use a face mask with Aloe, it really removes the redness after 15mins of using it. Thus I bought this one from The Face Shop Eastwood Branch for only 249PHP (around $5). 

You can also get some alternatives to aloe gel such as your toners (not really alcohol based), moisturizers, serums, and ampoules. Before I used to mix my toner and ampoule since ampoules should just be consumed in small amounts. You can create your own formulation based on your skin type and even combine essential oils with it!

DIY Face Mask
Gel type. Not too creamy and is best for face masks.

Compressed Face Masks!

I bought compressed masks unintentionally before having an idea on how to use it. You can see it on various stores such as Miniso, Mumuso, Daiso and the like. I wondered how it was used and got the curiosity of reading the packaging and buying it. Anyway, it’s just 99PHP (around $2) and wow, my 99PHP would go a long way.

This pack of compressed face masks I bought consists of 35 pieces. There are different variants of it which comes in cute, candy-like packaging but I bought this one because it’s not too messy. Most of the compressed facial masks are made from 100% pulp, or non-woven fabric and it does not do any harm to your sensitive skin (I think I have the most sensitive skin ever, but this one didn’t give me the itch).

DIY Face Mask
Handy packaging, you can bring it on your travels!

How much does it cost?

Breaking down the costs incurred as I’ve mentioned above:

  • Aloe Gel from The Face Shop – 249PHP
  • Compressed Face Mask – 99PHP (prices may vary)
  • TOTAL – 348PHP (around $7) 

Dividing it with 35 pieces (the number of times I can use the mask) will give me around 10PHP or $0.2 per mask! That’s a huge savings from your 35-50PHP masks you can readily buy on the market (plus parabens and everything for some). Honestly, I bought this Aloe Gel months ago and I still have it here. My compressed masks has four pieces left and I can always buy a new one and still consume my Aloe Gel. Aloe Gels are economical since it really can last for a long time.

Pros and Cons of a DIY Face Mask? Are there?

Of course, there are, and let me list them down for you.


  • Economical.  As I’ve mentioned, you can get your 10PHP DIY face mask by making it on your own rather than spending around 30-50PHP by buying it on the market.
  • Less harmful. In my opinion, DIY face masks are less harmful because you get to choose what products would suit your skin. For example, let’s say you bought a “strawberry mask” but then not all ingredients are okay with your skin. Moreover, as a user of face masks, I saw that a lot aren’t paraben-free (parabens are preservatives) thus it’s quite hard to choose if you’re having a sensitive skin.
  • Highly customizable. You wouldn’t have a problem with fragrance, preservatives, or any other issue that you have with your skin because you can make it on your own. If you’re acne-prone, try putting tea-tree oil on it, something like that.


  • Time-consuming and a hassle for some. You need to prepare it first. Unlike commercial masks, you just open it and put it on your face. However, I couldn’t see this as a disadvantage because you just need to soak it in the mixture you made.
  • Doesn’t provide you everything. For example, you’re a fan of Hyaluronic Acid because it works well with your skin. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t know and who isn’t well-informed on how to get complicated-looking ingredients, you would opt to go to the nearest store to find some mask with  Hyaluronic Acid, which is more convenient.

That’s it folks! All in all, I do exert a lot of effort in taking care of my skin (you’ll do that especially if you don’t have a good one) thus I won’t mind the extra time prepping for my DIY face mask. The point of this is that, you don’t really have to spend much just to get a good skin because of course, it would take effort. There would be some lucky gals out there who are born with great skin but for those like me, it’s not the end of the world, you can still have something if you just put effort, patience, and consistency on it (it applies to all!). Hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll be sharing you other skin care updates soon!


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