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Bully-Free: Choose Kindness Program by Domuschola International School

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Last November 7, I was invited by Domuschola International School to be one of their speakers on their Bully-Free: Choose Kindness Program, held at Pasig City. This is because of the partnership we established at Smart Start Session on providing meaningful learning sessions to our partners. I was with Mommy Zen Guevara (creator of and Healthy Parenting 101) for Grades 1-3 and Billy Vincent Soria, RPm (an upcoming doctor as well) for Grades 7-12. On the other hand, I handled Grades 4-6 and the concept of my talk is about being a buddy, not a bully

Domuschola Bullying
I am also the one who prepared this poster!

What Is Bullying: An Introduction

To start it up, I gave the kids a fun-way to engage in the talk by letting them know what bullying means. If you’re an educator or a parent, you can also use this simple activity to engage with the kids on how to make them realize how bullying works.

Domuschola Bullying
The first activity is all about apples!

The Apple Activity


  1. Prepare two identical apples. Make sure they’re almost identical (kids know how to find differences in a detailed manner).
  2. Get one apple and smash it. (But don’t crush it!) The goal is to make the apple look bad inside, not outside.

Smart Start Session

The Activity Proper:

  1. Show the apples to the kids and ask them if they’re the same. Make them realize that they are almost the same.
  2. Get one apple (damaged one) and call for volunteers.
  3. Ask the volunteers to say harsh things to the apple. Examples would be “You might be rotten inside”, “I don’t like your taste”, etc. Don’t go to extremes such as saying foul words.
  4. Now get the other apple and call for volunteers again.
  5. This time, ask them to say good words to the apple.
  6. Slice the apples.

With this activity, they will realize how bullying can impact someone. Like the apple, they might look okay outside but they’re hurting inside. I was really glad I pulled it off and everyone was energetically engaging in the activity.

Domsuchola Bullying
Kids saying their words to the apple.

Types of Bullying

I shared the four basic types of bullying, namely: physical, verbal, social and cyber bullying.  Of course, a great way to connect to the students is through a form of activities again. We had a guessing game on terminologies using the idea of 4 Pics 1 Word. Aside from that, we had a demonstration on verbal bullying and on how to stop bullies who attack through the power of words. I also showed them a video on social and cyber bullying and that the technology nowadays might affect our mental health if not utilized well.

Here are the videos I used as a guide and resource for my next activities:

Students volunteered to do this with me and the technique is really powerful.


I actually ran out of time…

Actually, I was given an hour to speak. However, I didn’t expect that the kids would be so warm and enthusiastic! Thus, I ended up the talk by giving them the last activity.

The Promise Activity

On a sticky note, I asked them to write their promises on bullying. Here are some promises and short sentences I got from the kids:

I will tell people not to hate.

I’ll remind myself that bullies can’t define you.

I will never think negative.

Be a friend.

I promise I will never bully people with their race.

These sentences sparked compassion on these kids. Most of them have experienced bullying even in the smallest, possible way but they propagate kindness by making a promise that they will be always no to bullying.

Domuschola Bullying
Real promises, by kids.

Bullying is something we cannot avoid. It’s present everywhere, even in the smallest units of our society —  our homes. However, could we make a difference to lessen and bring awareness?

Yes, of course.

Share and #ChooseKindness everyday for a #BullyFree environment.




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