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From Nature with Love: Farmer’s Orchard Cafe at BF Homes

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Hi dearest readers! We have just recently visited a healthy stop in Aguirre Avenue, at BF Homes Parañaque. We stumbled upon Farmer’s Orchard Cafe since we felt hungry in the middle of the night. So, why not eat something deliciously healthy? Yummy.

With that, I would like to give a short review on Farmer’s Orchard Cafe:

1. Atmosphere ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Farmer's Orchard Cafe Interiors 1
Fancy looking, right?
Farmer's Orchard Cafe Photo Booth
I think this is a Photo Booth. It really catches your attention as you enter!

We went there twice and both of the times, there were just a few customers, which is quite good if you would like to focus on eating (haha) or if you are studying or working on something since it is a cafe. However I thought of it more like a restaurant than a cafe since we ate dinner in there. The music isn’t so loud and the cafe is clean overall. Lastly, their restrooms would give you such a comfortable feeling.

Interiors would matter a lot to me since it is the first thing I see when I enter an establishment. No matter how high or low cost interiors might be, there would be creative ways on how to make it cozy. Thus, my overall experience was very pleasant because of this.


2. Food ⭐⭐⭐

Tuyo Aglio Olio, P259
Tuyo Aglio Olio, P259
Fallafel Wrap, P160
Fallafel Wrap, P160
4-Way Waffle Pizza, P230
4-Way Waffle Pizza, P230
Chicken Parmigiana Pasta, P239
Chicken Parmigiana Pasta, P239
Fallafel Rice Bowl, P160
Fallafel Rice Bowl, P160

Farmer’s Orchard Cafe, by its name, aims to serve people fresh food from nature. To summarize the overall food experience:


  • If you are vegan, you could see some offerings here which are meat-free, like the Fallafel Wrap and Fallafel Rice Bowls which come in very affordable prices. I’ve tried them myself and they are really delicious. (Disclaimer: Not vegan but I feel like eating meat-free makes me feel healthy and refreshed sometimes)
  • If you are a cheese-lover, there are a lot of meals here that comes together with cheese, such as their pastas, their small plates and some light meals. I’m a cheese lover too and I would want to try the others in our next visit.
  • Price is worth its value.


  • The serving is small for the rice bowl, which supposedly should make me full. (Or I’m not sure if I am just hungry haha)
  • However, the 4-Way Waffle Pizza had too much cheese that it didn’t satisfy its category being a light meal.

I guess my judgement isn’t enough so we still have to try more meals in the future. The thing that made me love this cafe is the fact that the meals have some veggies on it on the side (some restaurants doesn’t have which makes me feel really oily). We still hope to eat more in here and try their desserts next time.

3. Customer Service ⭐⭐⭐

Farmer's Orchard Cafe Menu Bar
Ordering? Go here.

Customer Service is pretty much normal and nothing so exceptional. The first time we went there, we greatly appreciated the staff because we were the last person to order (We arrived at 10:30PM and they’re closing at 11:30PM). As I know, some would feel like a bit of annoyed with customers like us since they’re almost closing yet they still need to serve on their last hours. Thus, I was satisfied because we still got a pleasurable dining experience.

The second time we visited there around lunch time, there was nothing so special about the customer service. I could say it was quite slower than expected (since we’ve been there last time). That’s when I thought that time could be a factor of the service a person is providing. The first time, they would really need to hurry serving us since it’s near closing, but for the second time, the hours are still very long. Overall, the good thing is there wasn’t any negative experience thus I gave it a three stars.

4. Accessibility ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Farmer's Orchard Cafe in Google Maps
Farmer’s Orchard Cafe as seen in Google Maps. Many restos around to choose from!

Aguirre Avenue being an avenue of varieties of restaurants and shops, is very accessible to those who live in the South. It isn’t something hidden on the streets of BF. The thing is, it is beside Southern Dairy where we used to have our desserts a lot, but we were surprised to know that it was there beside it. Moreover, not so much space for parking as well, means people who lives nearby would be the ones to hangout in there.


5. Overall Dining Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐

For an overall experience, we would always love to go back in this cafe since it gave us pleasant moments. The thing I liked about the most in here was the atmosphere and I guess it’s a vital factor nowadays how you would feel cozy and at ease with your surroundings. Of course, that would be possible with the help of interiors. Everything here was brown or green and it satisfied the name of Farmer’s Orchard Cafe — it made me feel close to nature (with love!). With this one thing that stood out on my visit (with the others being pretty normal), it would make me always want to go back and just chill out with the environment instead of looking for other places which I’m not sure if it would provide the same cozy feeling.

Aside from that, you can always cuddle with bears.

Kristian with a bear
He replaced me with a bear. I have my own bear too anyway!

Aren’t they adorable? See you on my next post!


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