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Five Places to Learn Korean in Manila

Five Places to Learn Korean in Manila

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  1. 캬라

    Thank you for sharing!!!! ♥︎

    1. Jezze

      You’re welcome, 캬라!

  2. Lara Reyes

    Thanks for sharing this! Have been looking around to find some other options aside from KCC and I saw this!

    1. Jezze

      Welcome! Let me know your journey on studying this language!

  3. luckyfriend

    Many thanks, now i can learn korean from other places in manila, i had some learning process from some of those, they are great 😀

  4. Princessjamsanideguzman

    How much when you studying korean language po?

    1. Jezze

      Hi Princess! It depends on the place or institution ☺ Where are you located?

  5. Franz Aaron Camua-ty

    sang po kaya pwede mag aral ng korean language dito sa manila

    1. Jezze

      Hi Franz! Have you tried the ones I mentioned in the post? 🙂

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