Flying with Malaysia Airlines

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Hello people! As promised in my previous article about my food-hopping in Singapore, I’ll be sharing with you a short article on why I loved the experience flying with Malaysia Airlines.

Without any further ado, let’s go and recall the flying experience!

The seats have enough legroom. Breathable.

Comparing it with economy airlines, my flight to Singapore is not that expensive (but not that cheap as well because I booked it the day before the actual flight due to the earthquakes that occurred in the Philippines). As I have noticed on some airlines, the cheaper it is, the narrower the space and the closer you are to your seatmates. However with Malaysia airlines I enjoyed my privacy and whenever I make movements it does not bother whoever is beside me. Seated on the middle seat, I still felt comfort.

Malaysia Airlines
Here’s how the plane looks like.
Photo credit: Skytrax

They have an in-flight entertainment system.

This is something I love the most. The travel to Kuala Lumpur from Manila takes around 4 hours. I enjoyed it the most because I was able to watch movies. Whenever I am in my country, I occasionally watch movies because there are other things that can be done which are more important (like creating content for you!) Thus, this in-flight entertainment system of Malaysia Airlines gave me a pure relaxation instead of just going to sleep for a long ride.

The in-flight entertainment system, apart from the screen, includes headphones as well. You can also charge your device or connect it via the USB port.

Malaysia Airlines
This is my seat! Looks comfortable, right?
Malaysia Airlines
I watched Bohemian Rhapsody here. Talk about free movies. 

No more actual demo on safety precautions.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but, since they have the in-flight entertainment system, all announcements made is relayed through that. I think that is partly a good thing so the cabin crews can focus on other tasks. It makes the operations more efficient. The downside is probably that people couldn’t see how it can be done in real life.

Malaysia Airlines
The aircraft from outside.

They have automatic in-flight meals.

I am not totally sure with this feature, but since I booked on Skyscanner, I was directed right away to the payment. For most airlines I’ve tried, I have to choose whether to include meals, select seats, and the like. Thus, on the flight itself I saw how everyone was served a meal. Of course I was truly happy because as a person who have frequent hunger, I don’t need to worry where will I eat next.

Malaysia Airlines
Basic meal: Fish and omelette. Satisfied my hungry tummy.

20 kg baggage, for the win.

You read it right! With other airlines having 7kg baggage, again, I am not sure if this is a default feature, correct me if I’m wrong, but Malaysia Airlines provided me with 20kg! Quite funny because my return ticket from a different airline is just 7kg. Anyway, if you’re bringing a lot of stuff this airline would be perfect for you.

I just brought 10kg though.

Malaysia Airlines
Chilling at KLIA after the relaxing ride! Next stop: Singapore!

Well, there are other things to take into consideration when having flights. As much as I am concerned, two important things for me is the comfort of moving around my seat and relaxation. I’ve rode on buses for 13 hours, and riding planes for 4 hours is a different thing but, comfort matters.

Let me know your thoughts on Malaysia Airlines!
Let’s fly again next time!


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