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Freelancer Life: Building Communities, Businesses, and Educating People

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Hello everyone! To those of you who are quite curious on how I hustle in my everyday life, I’d just like to share three things I am committed to doing right now as a freelancer and a business person:

  1. Building Communities in my Health and Wellness Advocacy
  2. Educating Individuals on Self-Development in and out of the classroom
  3. Empowering people in entrepreneurship and developing our platform and brand (as related to #1)

I’m sure some of you would want to venture into something more meaningful than routine work. Routine is truly important, but what I mean is that something you don’t find the purpose of doing. I hope by sharing some of what I do, you’ll get to have some snippets and ideas that you, can do it, too.

I’m not superwoman, you know!


My Pre-Freelancer Days

I’m a freelancer. I’m self-employed too. What does that mean?


Definition from Merriam-Webster


I started my life as a freelancer back in 2016 after I quitted my job in Fast Retailing Philippines Inc, UNIQLO. I was in operations before, and being employed in a company taught me a lot of things, such as:

  1. Work ethics with colleagues
  2. Following one’s superior
  3. Being on time (this I could say would be my most valuable learning from the company)
  4. Developing routines

And so on.

Photo by Chiara Lim
With my co-managers!
Photo by Chiara Lim
With my colleagues! They’re fun-loving people.

But why did I choose the freelancer life?

I deeply believe in individual differences. Some people are meant to work in a company, in the field, in mechanical kinds of work, in business, and etc. It would be up to them on how they would make their work fulfilling. Upon hearing that I’ll be working in a company, I was happy, but I wasn’t much sparked. I told myself I’m going to give it a try and see where it would lead me.

But I ended my relationship with UNIQLO (in terms of career, but I still shop there! I can assure you the brand is really worth it!) and ventured into freelancing. I had numerous part-time jobs even back in college until now. Aside from getting paid more, the main reason: I don’t want to commit myself in something that I don’t see doing for the rest of my life. It’s just personal, not on the company or with the colleagues I have. I love them all. I think you also came to a point like this, and what I needed to do is to make a choice.

So what do you do now?

1. I’m a personal tutor, language instructor, and a translator.

I started tutoring people back in college and so I know I could earn well from here. In tutoring, it doesn’t really matter how good your academic background is, but you have to help the students in doing their homeworks (especially if you’re tutoring grade schoolers). I always tell people that if you have the skill to teach, it would be easy for you to learn other things regarding the subject. On the other hand, I’m also an ESL instructor and a conversational Korean teacher on the side. I’ve learned teaching ESL from many years of experience (I’ve been doing it since 17) and since I had some Korean students who would want me to teach their Filipino significant others in Korean, I did it as well. I do translations for project-based work as well. I’ve learned the Korean language when I was in the university as a foreign elective.

You too, can learn how to be an ESL teacher with experience and proper guidance from instructors. I am on the process of getting my certification at Coursera  if you have no time to do actual classes, try it here and it’s online.

If you would like to learn Korean as well, you can do self-study or enroll in different institutions. (Click on the link if you would like to know the resources I use for self-study and the institutions where you can enroll Korean classes.)

Domuschola Bully Free
I also teach through speaking engagements! Here at Domuschola International School on my talk on bullying.

2. I’m a Junior Partner, Social Media Manager and a person actively doing partnerships at an educational platform for health and wellness, Smart Start Session.

One of my goals last 2018 is to improve my health thus as I was choosing companies or organizations to be affiliated with, I got an opportunity from Smart Start Session. However, it doesn’t really require me to work there from 9-5 but I just need to get results for my own venture there. I am never a marketing expert but I was able to connect 5 company partnerships for two months. With this, I was truly glad this gave me an avenue to utilize social media not just for my daily posts but to earn as well. I am not an engaged leader but I was able to, little by little, build an organization with the same ideals as mine. Thus, this community resurfaced things I am quite good at.
Smart Start Session
Meet some of our community members! Photo by Mara Pasco.
Done deal with Anytime Fitness! Photo by Mara Pasco.

You too, can be part of our team or be our client. We offer coaching solutions in business and in health.

3. I help students get ready in the industry and guide them in their self-development and goal setting at CIIT College of Arts and Technology.

Teaching in the academe is something new for me, as I just do talks. However, as I started teaching here, it is quite similar to speaking engagements as students nowadays would want unconventional ways on studying. CIIT is a school specialized in Multimedia Arts. It was truly interesting as my students have various ways on expressing themselves. With this kind of work, I think it is indeed fulfilling to inspire people on the academic setting.

CIIT Building in Kamuning. Photo by CIIT Philippines

4. Lastly, I am a content creator.

Creating content and sharing it to others are other ways of educating people. I created this blog not just for hobby, but because I am innately an educator. I believe that the knowledge we have should not be kept on our minds but should be shared with others. As what I’ve heard from an audiobook, you can’t put more water to a glass which is already full. Moreover, the measure of my success would be my impact on people, on how they become successful with a little of my help. You can read more about that here.

Just share, just inspire!


For partnerships, events, and consultations:


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  1. Ppl should read it to figure out an options on how to live our life with profitable passion,what a wonderful article keep inspiring jezzy

  2. You should include that you are a life coach, helping your friends in any way you can and sharing them some of your wisdom. 😉

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