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Hello Kitty Cafe BGC: Bon Appétit with the Adorable Kitty!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a food review, and I’m back in action again! Some months ago, I ran out of places to celebrate monthsaries but an idea popped out of my head: I want to visit a girly and fancy place. Certainly, the first thing that came to my mind is Hello Kitty Cafe!

Thankfully, my boyfriend is truly supportive and doesn’t mind the place where we eat. What can we expect there, anyway?

1. Atmosphere ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you’re a person who looks at interiors before choosing a place to eat (which is the current trend nowadays), then this place is for you. Filled with colorful furniture in hues of pastel pink, blue and yellow, it’s truly an eye-catching place for girls like me. The room isn’t as huge as a restaurant, but it is spacious enough for two and small groups. The place is tranquil and relaxing with an option to dine in outside.

Hello Kitty Cafe
The colors would definitely tickle your eyes. Photo by Jezze,

2. Food ⭐⭐

In my previous post, I showed you Singapore from its airport. You may have encountered my piece on Hello Kitty Garden Cafe in Changi Airport Terminal Three. With that, I actually have a basis for comparison with this Hello Kitty Cafe in BGC.

The food has a French touch; the taste is very hearty and it actually provides you a taste of what it really tastes like. Got you confused? For example, the chicken would taste like chicken without anything to make it taste “better”. I was satisfied on that part. However, the plating seems quite inconsistent to me in terms of taste. It has colorful, edible decorations on the plate which looks like jelly. Thus, I perceived it as sweet due to its colors. But! It turned out bland. (Expectation vs Reality!) Got me disappointed with that.

Hello Kitty Cafe
The main dish tastes okay, anyway! Chicken Schnitzel, 420PHP. Photo by Jezze.
Hello Kitty Cafe
Loving the fries here! Chicken Gibraltar, 295PHP. Photo by Jezze.

In terms of serving, it is good for one. Unlike the ones I’ve tried in Singapore, the meal can be consumed by two Jezzes. I was definitely more satisfied with the ones I’ve tried in SG and the cost would justify the taste. However here, it seems that it’s too pricey for the inconsistencies I’ve seen in the taste. This is just my own taste, anyway!

Lastly, I’ve tried their Matcha Shake which just tastes what it should be: not too sweet, not too bitter. I enjoyed this drink. Perhaps, I haven’t tried their cakes and other desserts (since it’s a cafe not a restaurant) so I couldn’t make a complete judgement on their menu. Nevertheless, I’ll definitely visit to try new things there again.

Hello Kitty Cafe
Real Matcha Taste!
Matcha Green Tea, 295PHP.
Photo by Jezze

3. Customer Service ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customer service isn’t exceptional, but the ones who served us is nice enough. Just like any other cafes, they’ll greet and accommodate you in a kind and gentle fashion. However, to give a customer an exceptional experience, they could experiment not just on the interiors and visuals but perhaps on the staffs as well. For example, UNIQLO has a standard greeting which stands out as compared to other retail shops (You’ve heard them greet you, “Welcome to UNIQLO”, right?); Japan has maid cafes which got popular because of a unique customer experience in which cute maids serve the customers; and more things like this. Well, just a thought.

Smart Start Session

4. Accessibility ⭐⭐

Hello Kitty Cafe is easy to reach being in one of the business centers of the Metro, BGC. It is conveniently situated in Uptown Place Mall, Third Floor. After eating, you might want to view the dancing fountain outside.

Hello Kitty Cafe
And there are colors outside as well!
Photo by Kristian Guevara.


5. Overall Dining Experience – 4⭐!

In conclusion, Hello Kitty Cafe is a place to loosen up and unwind. It’s best to go with girl buddies but who said it isn’t for males? This could also be a perfect, casual date spot. Men, you may want to give your girl a cute treat here!

Hello Kitty Cafe
My #HelloKittyCafeSelfie!

Once again, comparing it with SG’s Hello Kitty Garden Cafe, SG has their one point from me. Perhaps, we could craft more cafes like this and improve on some areas to make it more exceptional.

Hello Kitty Cafe
Must try these next time to see if they’re worth coming back!
Photo by Jezze

Try it yourself, they serve  delectable cakes, too!

Find them on Zomato!

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I started my Zomato account too, feel free to follow my food adventures!

View my food journey on Zomato!

See you on my next, mouth-watering post!


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