Review: iWhite Korea BB Holic BB Cream For Only 25PHP (0.5USD) Feat. My Other Skin Care Products

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Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a beauty-related article! Thus, I’ve been raving about this on social media because it did really make wonders on my skin. To review iWhite Korea BB Holic BB Cream, here’s my YouTube video for a full review:

To sum it all up here are the pros and cons of iWhite Korea BB Holic BB Cream:


  • Very affordable. If you’re out of budget you can buy a sachet for 25PHP and even a bigger bottle for around 150PHP (more or less).
  • Scent isn’t too strong. It’s just mild. Unlike other BB Cushions or creams I’ve tried, this one even smells great.
  • Natural. Since coverage is not too thick, it appears just natural but of course, it does lessen the appearance of flaws on your skin. It doesn’t appear too cakey when you start to sweat!
  • Accessible. Apart from being affordable, you can buy this in Watsons and I think in some convenience stores as well.


  • Not long lasting. It isn’t, but I don’t think you need to retouch often. Just top it up with ur fave powder and you’re good to go. Good for daily use.
  • It does not cover every flaw that you have. What do you expect from a natural-looking appearance? The good thing is, you still look like you (haha!)

So there you go! And to add to that, here are my skin care products that I have mentioned in the vlog as well with their corresponding prices:

Products Available at Watsons:

  • Nivea Facial Foam – 175PHP
  • Moringa O Toner – 89PHP

Celavive Products

Shop at

  • Creamy Foam Cleanser – 2,050PHP
  • Vitalizing Serum – 3,000PHP
  • Hydrating Eye Essence – 3,000PHP
  • Replenishing Night Gel – 2,200PHP



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