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Key Factors In Having a Healthy Life

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As an educator in self-development, I help individuals realize the things they should prioritize including their health. A healthy life has different facets and those are things I am going to share with you in this article.

But, why health?

I have struggles when it comes to health and I did not have a good start. Being sickly and underweight, fitness is never a thing for me. I was never sporty! I ate too much chips and junk food. I’m sure you can relate to this. In this fast paced world, how are we going to secure this valuable aspect of ourselves: health? 

First step, change your mindset. Next surround yourself with people who cares about their well-being. Then off we go to the three pillars of health that will enrich our lives.

Ever since I was young, I got used to clinics because I’m not nourished well. I realized it’s not helping me. I started changing my mindset and my habits followed.

1. Nutrition

A huge percentage goes to nutrition. If you want to start a healthy life, make sure what you eat embodies your lifestyle. My biggest problem before was acne. Seeing how skincare products are not too effective with me, I tried changing my food. From junk and fast food, I intentionally asked my mother to help me with my journey by cooking food with less oil. It’s not a solo journey, and ask help when needed to those people around you.

I also learned how to cook food! It’s actually exciting to prepare your own meal!

I realized, good food is colorful food!

2. Fitness

My excuses before in exercising were:

I don’t need that, I don’t even gain weight.

It’s for big people.

Muscles? I don’t need them! It might look weird.

I don’t have time.

Have you encountered yourself having these, too? Well, one thing I realized is that the purpose of working out is not solely for the weight, but it improves the overall performance I have for the day. Here are some things I got whenever I exercise:

  • You’ll feel more focused. Did you know that it increases the blood flow through your brain in which you can get oxygen? Thus, your brain is ready to go whatever challenges you’re going to face for the day.
  • Clean body? You’ll have it here! By sweating, toxins are flushed outside your body. Healthy body, is a clean body, indeed!
  • You will get stronger. Being underweight, I do not have much muscles. Then I realized, I don’t have enough! Muscles are essential to make you functional.

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3. Supplementation

As much as I try to be healthy, I am sure I cannot get the micronutrients from food alone. With the quality of land, environment we are in, how sure are we that even the vegetables that we are eating can provide us the complete nutrients? Thus, I incorporate supplementation in my lifestyle. Of course, in choosing supplements, we should check out the best quality, has a value for money, and no side effects. It did help me on my health and wellness journey, and I think it can help you to fill in the gaps with your nutrition, too!

I even wrote an article about it. Read more here.

usana supplements


There you go! As a matter of fact, there are two more pillars of health which are sleep and stress management. I would love to tackle that on my next articles.

Are you ready to start a fulfilling life?

See you on my next post!



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