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Grooming Your Nails at Nail & Co.

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Hello, everyone! As promised from my previous article Pastel Gaming at Stacy’s, here’s my review for Nail & Co.! Being a person who loves anything colorful and dreamy, going here is such a pampering experience. Well, let’s go, shall we?

Nail & Co.’s Interiors

Nail & Co.
Bright and pastel-themed! This is the aura that Nail & Co. gives off! Photo by Jezze.
Nail & Co.
We’re actually one of the first customers here! Thus, we we’re able to take snaps while everyone’s not yet here. Photo by Jezze.

Nail & Co.’s interiors will intensify the inner girl in you. As I went inside, the usual bubbly person I am, I feel happy seeing the bright and pastel vibe in the room. It is not too wide, but spacious enough for people who would like to pamper. You wouldn’t want too much people when you relax, right? The best time to go here is early morning. The shop opens at 8AM so why not grab your breakfast and start your day right with a peaceful mind here?

The Mani-Pedi Treatment

Nail & Co.
Here are the products that they use! Photo by Jezze.

My colleague Elka actually bought a voucher from Deal Grocer. (You can find in there on of their bestsellers, Chic Mani-Pedi with Footlogix® Foot Spa). It costs 585PHP. I actually have no idea with manicure and pedicure services outside since I am not a fan of nail services and I can color mine, but I guess this is a fair price since it has an added value: Foot Spa.

1. Footlogix® Foot Spa

Nail & Co.
My friend Elka having her foot spa and manicure at the same time with the hardworking people from Nail & Co. Photo by Jezze.

Footlogix® is the name of the product that they use for our feet. They soaked our feet with warm water, and after that they applied the product for a gentle exfoliation. I’m pretty sure not all of us have time to exfoliate our feet everyday, thus, this one is a real deal for me. The feet, being the most used part of the body for me, deserves this treat. After that, they put DD Cream Mousse with Dermal Infusion Technology® to make our feet moisturized and protect it against microbes in the environment. Lastly, they give your feet an energizing massage to remove all the laziness inside it!

2. Clean thy nails!

Nail & Co.
Of course, before designing your nails, have it cleaned. Photo by Jezze.

Elka is quite afraid of the nipper, but these wonderful ladies assisted us and handled us with care. They cleaned our nails first before doing the A-R-T! One thing I noticed, unlike traditional manicure and pedicure setup, they don’t use merthiolate. As a matter of fact, merthiolate was widely used as a killer for microbes. Thus, my hypothesis is that, it avoids infections in nail grooming sessions. However, I learned later on that this could corrode the nails, and it could be used for nail fungus only. Therefore, they put essential oils (I forgot to ask!) instead to keep the cuticles for moisturizing.

Smart Start Session

3. What’s your color?

Nail & Co.
They use Orly products for this session! Photo by Jezze.

After cleaning your nails, we’ll go to our favorite part, the art! There are varieties of color to choose from. However, being in a very undecided state, I chose these two pinkish hues out of the blue (haha!). I don’t really prefer bright ones, so I went for the nudes. They use Orly products for our nails. They have other brands as well.

Nail & Co.
How’s the color for my manicure? Love the light tone and nudeness. Photo by Jezze.
Nail & co.
Pardon my dirty sandals, was raining at that time. The pedicure seems bright for me, but I think it suits my feet too. However, if given the chance, I’ll choose another color. Photo by Jezze.

It was a truly satisfying experience for my first ever foot spa! Plus, I enjoyed a manicure and pedicure session. If I have more time, I’d love to go back again for a date with a girl friend or sister. Elka and I had a nice chat while we are receiving the service.

Would you love to go here too? Let me know on the comments section. Feel free to share!

See you on my next relaxing adventure!

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  • Address:
    • 2/F Kensington Place, 1st Avenue cor. 29th St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
    • (02) 551 6508 (0996) 648 4442 (0908) 679 8635
  • Check out their deals at Deal Grocer! –

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