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Olive Oil: A Makeup Remover Straight From The Kitchen

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Hello everyone! This would be my first post on beauty and I would like to share about my homemade makeup remover, olive oil. 

So, where did olive oil come from?

Olives (where olive oil come from) are not very common here in Southeast Asia. Most olives are found in the Mediterranean region and is considered as a vital component of the Mediterranean diet, which promotes heart health. However, like other types of oils they are commercially available in the market.

From a healthy diet to a healthy skin

We clearly know the health benefits of olive oil in our diet. I actually included it in mine when I learned about its good effects. I was in the point of my life wherein I wanted to change my lifestyle which includes eating habits thus I researched on food which would make your skin nice and glowing. Along with that, I’ve been using different types of products but a few would have significant effects on my skin, in terms of skin care. I also realized how sensitive my skin is and I decided to take actions which includes:

  1. Using make-up once or twice a week only
  2. Reading the ingredients first before buying products
  3. Never buying products not intended  for sensitive skin

And so much more. Moreover, I realized the importance of doing a skin test before applying a product. I’ve used a product wherein it caused me irritations but I figured it out after sometime when I did a skin test.

Going back, having sensitive skin means I have to use products which have no harsh chemicals. The thought of using natural or organic products came into mind. But what would be the difference of organic and natural? As I’ve noticed, there are more products claiming to be natural than organic. Based on researching about its differences, a product is considered as natural if it contains ingredients derived from nature, but it would be considered organic if it passes certain standards (such as GMO-free, no pesticides, etc.) and thus it is heavily regulated.

Organic products are heavily regulated. Then, they might be expensive.

100% Organic Products become expensive because of the strictness on the standards and the convenience. Although we know that we have sugar at home, we still buy sugar face scrubs because all we have to do is apply it. If we compare it to food, we get more nutrients with those that we buy in the market than those that are instantly packed. Thus, I realized that the best skin care products could be found right in the kitchen. I tried to search homemade skin care and found out that it would never hurt your wallet. That’s where I stumbled upon olive oil.

I have seen homemade skin care recipes wherein you would mix olive oil and other essential oils. As I was searching for homemade facial cleansers, I saw olive oil as a main ingredient. But wait, it says that it is a substitute for facial soap/foam. Should I do that?

I have been doing double cleansing (a two-step cleansing routine). Thus, I realized that perhaps I could use my olive oil for my first step which is removing makeup. I have been using makeup removers as well and I have no problem with them. The thing about oils (than water, gel, etc.) is that it completely removes my makeup. However, it would be greasy for some. That’s why I used it as a first step in cleaning my face, and then the second one would be the use of an organic soap.

Pros and Cons of Using Olive Oil as a Makeup Remover/Cleanser

So I have listed all the pros and cons as I am using olive oil as my makeup remover.


  • Availability. You can get it on your kitchen, or buy it in the supermarket.
  • Good for Sensitive Skin. Of course, it does not contain any harsh chemicals you would see on products in the market.
  • Long-lasting. You can see in the topmost picture is a small bottle of olive oil which lasted for almost less than a month now. I consume it more for food.
  • Moisturizing. I realized I don’t have oily skin. I actually have dry skin and it would just sometimes look oily because of makeup (CC cream, BB cream) but when I wash my face, after sometime it would feel very tight.
  • Removes makeup. As compared to facial foams, I could say that this completely removes my makeup and after I wash it with soap, I wouldn’t be worried about clogged pores anymore.
  • Cheap. You can buy a 500ml – 1L of it in the supermarket for $4, more or less.


  • Greasy. I don’t suggest that you use it as a sole cleanser if you would like a clean feeling. This is the reason why I always do double cleansing. However, there are other people who can clean their faces with pure oil only.
  • Smell. They say that if you buy the extra virgin one, it has some smell which is not so fancy. As for me, it doesn’t really matter since I will wash my face after. But if you’re the one who is sensitive to those smells, try not to purchase an extra virgin one.
  • Not as a daily moisturizer. I do not suggest that you use it when you go outside. It might work for others but for me, it would always be a makeup remover.


Like the food that I eat, I made a rule that I would not let my skin consume any bad stuff to the extent that if I need to make time to prepare it, I will. After all, if you’re not blessed with a naturally-perfect skin, you must never neglect it or give up on aiming for the best. Right now, I am currently using green tea as a homemade scrub (still exploring more!) I still use other products which are not homemade (creams, serums). But, to the things that I could easily find in the kitchen, why not give it a double purpose?


Hope you got something from my skin care knowledge. Feel free to share your insights on the comment box below!



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  1. Awesome! I’m gonna try this next time! I’m also currently exploring on natural ingredients that can also be found in the kitchen, I’m using a mixture of coffee grounds and honey to exfoliate my face and so far I’m seeing some improvements! Keep up the good work Jezze!

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