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Personal Branding Event Part 2: The Power of Networks and Action

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Hello everyone! Jezze here and to those were not able to attend my last event, Build Your Personal Brand by Smart Start Session, last March 2 at The Enterprise Center, I would like to share to you some key takeaways since I am glad to see you reading my blog right now!

You might have attended the first part of my personal branding series before or you might want to read it, too. Check this link for more details:

personal branding
A good image is essential to content creation. However, it is the content always that works best!
Photo by Raxie Bertos

One of the major points I have presented in the personal branding event is the importance of networking. Networking is essential because if you are building something, may it be your brand, your business, or career path, you would need help and collaboration from other people or groups and your mindset should be giving back to them as well.

Networking is creating a group of acquaintances and associates and keeping it active through regular
communication for mutual benefit. Networking is based on the question”How can I help?” and not with “What can I get?”

Now, let’s discuss five key takeaways from the said event.

Takeaway #1: Personal Branding is never bragging/boasting.

Most people are hesitant to build something either in the online space or offline networks because they are afraid that people might judge them and see them as boastful. However, there is a clear line between self-promotion and bragging/boasting.

  • Self-promotion: You are sharing something with the intention of letting people know that this/these thing/s might help them.
  • Boasting: You are sharing something with the intention of letting people know that you are superior than them or they are lesser than you in some aspects.

Creating something great that could probably benefit others is not a bad thing to share and would not make you look boastful. In fact, it would improve your personal brand. In the case where other people would be quick to judge when the intention is pure, the problem lies to the other party. Thus, never be afraid to show people what you have created if you clearly know that it could help them in a way.

personal branding
Snaps from the event presentation. If you know your worth, you’ll not be afraid to share it.

Takeaway #2: “Effective networking is all about farming,
not hunting.” -Starla West

Most of us see networking as a way to open us to new opportunities, thinking about the benefits we can get from it. Yes, it is clearly true that we could get benefits, however, our mindset should not be getting something from others. Instead it should learning something new and contributing to the person as well. It is essential that there should be collaboration and mutual benefit from both parties and through that, relationships become solid.

Ivan Misner coined the term Giver’s Gain which states that if you add value (give) to someone else’s life, you have gained goodwill. If you add enough value to others’ lives, the goodwill visited back on you will be returned many times. We might not be getting things in return right now to the people we helped/influenced but I am pretty sure that if we become consistent with it, results will fall into place. That my dear readers, is similar to farming.

personal branding
When you plant something, it takes some time to grow, right? Like businesses and habits, personal brand would require time, too.

Takeaway #3: Don’t be a perfectionist, start now.

We all agree timing is important, however proper timing is different from giving yourself an excuse to execute things right away. Once you planned it (even though it is not perfectly laid out yet), just make an action. In my previous blog post in starting blogging, it is truly crucial if you are going to execute whatever you have planned or let time kill your plans. Have you noticed that you get updates from your phone applications in every week or so? Did you also see that fashion trends change every season? Have you also felt that you get infatuated for someone for some months and then slowly dies?

With this, we have to accept that change is constant. If you try to plan everything just to satisfy or “prepare” yourself, you are lagging behind. Moreover, personal branding is not a matter of pace, it is a matter of being consistent on how you started while incorporating improvements along the way.

personal branding
Perfecting takes so much time. Though planning is essential, it should not be done in a way that you just planned more than you executed.

Takeaway #4: Network with the right kind of people.

When you put a rotten tomato on a basket full of healthy ones, after some time, it becomes rotten, right? If you are building your personal brand, being with the right kind of people matters because those people would be associated to you.

As much as people refuse to believe it, the company you keep does have an impact and influence on your choices.

Always remember as well that you attract like-minded people. However, you have the power to choose who you wanted to be with in your life and you have the power to change your attitude as well. In personal branding, skills are secondary whereas attitude is primary. Having the right mindset in being a good influencer to others would matter more than your digital marketing skills.

personal branding
Happy to be part of this squad! These people are eager to learn and share what they know on their different fields.
Photo by Anthon Santos.

Takeaway #5: Monetize your brand.

Some people do it for free, some monetize it. In my case, I monetize in ways that I don’t really push services or products but more on sharing my experiences. Monetizing is important for me, since in order to provide more innovations to people, it would require me bigger resources.

Imagine a burger vendor who keeps on selling burgers without having the effort to know the ever-changing needs of its customers? Yes, it might satisfy hunger but since people have the tendency to look for more, they would probably be getting burgers from others. What if some customers would want a meat-free burger but since you stick to your brand, they searched for others?

If the burger vendor strategically monetized his/her brand, probably he is not doing the work alone, or perhaps have different varieties of burgers to cater the needs of his/her customers. Same as personal branding, resources are important for innovations, aside from personal gain alone. With those improvements on our brand, we are able to reach more people and help them in the way we can.

personal branding


With the takeaways I presented, I hope you learned something from this content! Not enough information? Be updated with our events on our social media sites!

See you on my next personal branding event!




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