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Personal Branding Event: Basics That You Need to Know

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Thanks for stopping by, people! Perhaps you’ve seen on my pages or on my Social Media sites about recent events I’ve been to. Last August 25, I was given a chance by Smart Start Session to talk about personal branding. Since you are one of my lovely readers, let me share you tidbits of what happened and some insights during the event!

Personal Branding Event
One of our wonderful health coach, Joanna, hosted the said event.
Photo by Mara Pasco,

Topics Covered

There are three main topics I covered on this event, namely:

  1. Personal Branding: A Change in Mindset
  2. Are You an Influencer?
  3. Simple Advertising Techniques 

Just a disclaimer, I am not a marketing graduate and these stories are based on personal experiences. Was actually happy that one of the attendees, who is a marketing graduate really appreciated the talk and told me it’s a matter of application!

Personal branding
Happy to share with this diverse group of people!
Photo by Mara Pasco.

Personal Branding: A Change in Mindset

I was actually inspired by Ms. Virginia Bautista, a LinkedIn Trainer, to share some insights on personal branding through an article she made. When I asked my attendees what struck them the most in this part of the talk, they told me about the first point which is Auditing Your Career. The concept is simple, you try to list all your achievements, skills, events attended, experiences, and so on, like a resume and try to look at it on a macro to micro perspective. Looking at it from a bigger perspective enables you to see the salient points on your career. Then, it leaves you on realizing two things:

  1. You have been doing the same work because you have the passion to do it; or
  2. You dreaded waking up in the morning doing the same work again.

Finally, that could be a deciding factor for you whether you would act on changing it now, or you’ll continue with doing what you love.  

Personal branding
Attendees seriously jotting notes.
Photo by Mara Pasco.

Are You an Influencer?

This section allowed me to let the audience realize that they are influencers in their own ways. There is also a rising trend with the microinfluencers as credible people to give out their opinions. As I’ve mentioned in my about page, I started blogging because of the need to share my experiences with others, that even though I am not a celebrity or well-known person, they respect and believe my opinions. People know that my intention is purely to help them answer their queries, not to offer something. Perhaps, that’s also the reason why you’re reading this too, don’t you think?

Personal branding
Let me share you one of my slides. Here are some basic tips to get you started.

Simple Advertising Techniques

I have received praises on creating an admirable Instagram feed and creating eye-catching graphics, but I never received formal education on graphic designing or even photography (I know some of you can relate!) Perhaps, it has been my obsession to make visually, aesthetically pleasing photos (on my standards) and it lets me show the creative side of me that I thought I’ve already thrown for so many years. Thus, I discussed basics on these two things:

  1. Making visuals. Using the right colors, capturing the right angles could make a difference on how you want your audience to perceive your message.
  2. Creating Content. Paired with photos and graphics, putting the right words in the appropriate phrasing could make a difference in your own branding.

Smart Start Session I hope I could discuss here in detail what I talked about in more than an hour. Nevertheless, people appreciated the event and are wanting for more. Thus, let me do things that could create results and I would love share to you. You are very welcome to ask me simple techniques and I hope I could help you on your branding journey. Always remember this quote that I shared in the event:

Brand yourself, before others brand you.

See you in my next events, and on my next post!

Personal branding
The joy of influencing!
Photo by Paolo Pilares.


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