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Newest Fitness Craze: Pound Rockout, Workout!

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Hello guys! I haven’t posted a lot of fitness activities here in my website, but most are on my Instagram and Facebook. This time, I would like to share this fitness craze that was introduced to me last year but is becoming popular nowadays: Pound – Rockout, Workout! 

What is Pound?
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The Pound Experience

Pound totally lets your body move completely. Thus, if you’re a person who does not engage much in physical activities and started doing Pound, expect that you will have muscle soreness for a long time. (Consistent workout and supplements helped me in muscle soreness!) Moreover, if you’re into sweating, this workout is perfect for you, too! The best thing I love about Pound is that it enhances coordination. It’s not just about following the right movements. It is also about following the beat, and enjoying every groove.


My face while having Pound! Intense but happy, isn’t it?
Photo by Mark Pasco


Pound in our community

Our community member in Smart Start Session, Mara Pasco, is a Pound Pro Certified and she was the one who introduced this workout to me. I could clearly remember her fitness journey because we have been working out together since last year! Pound helped her lose some weight and develop that eagerness in fitness since she became also a Spartan finisher. I feel so happy for her because right now, she is influencing a lot of people to go beyond limits on fitness. Of course, you have to find the fitness journey that’s fit for you. Like her, I have been consistently (thank God!) doing my fitness habits. You may read more here.

This was Coach Mara before:

This is her now:

Do You Recommend Pound?

Definitely! Apart from the sweating and the movements, what I love the most about it is involves camaraderie and friendship. You cannot do Pound alone. Pound works best if you do it with a group! Thus, why not try working out together with friends? It’s something new, something different, and most importantly, it’s something good to our bodies.



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