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Samyang Jjapaghetti: Not Your Usual Spicy Noodle Recipe

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Hi dearest readers! I was always asked by my colleagues to do the Samyang/Spicy Noodle Challenge but I always tell them that there’s a more delicious way to eat Samyang than to heat your tongues up! I will show you the recipe of Samyang Jjapaghetti, a nicer way to eat this spicy noodles, which I learned from my Korean friends back in college.

The Ingredients

“Samyang” or Buldakbokkumyeon (불닭볶음면)

Samyang Jjapaghetti
Spicy Noodles x2!

In the Philippines, we started to call this noodles Samyang (because of the brand written in English) but actually in Korea, we call it “Buldak”, for short. “Bul (불)” means fire, and “dak (닭)” means chicken. This has been a craze and everyone wants to do a challenge by eating this noodles. You can search “Spicy Noodle Challenge”/”Fire Noodle Challenge”/”Nuclear Noodle Challenge” on Facebook or YouTube.

When eating this alone, it tastes good at first. The chicken taste will make you want to eat more and more. However, you will notice that your tongue starts firing up and so it’s either you keep on eating it or you stop. Either way, you already hurt your tongue and your tummy.

Note: If you are acidic, please don’t eat much of this, or try to put small amounts of the spicy sauce since it can cause stomach upset. Do not also drink various kinds of drinks to remove the burning feeling because it will just make it worse. I’ve tried it and it’s a very sad experience for my tummy, knowing that this noodle is actually delicious.


Samyang x Jjapaghetti
My favorite Korean noodles.

This one is called Jjapaghetti (짜파게티). It means Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) + Spaghetti, and who wouldn’t love spaghetti? Jjajangmyeon is a popular noodle dish in Korea which originated from a Chinese immigrant. It’s also termed as “black noodles”. If you have heard of Black Day (14th of April), they say that single people eat this in Korea. It is preceded by Korea’s Red Day (14th of February) and White Day (14th of March).

To those who haven’t tried out Jjajangmyeon, it has a viscous black paste with diced pork and some vegetables. It has a mixture of sweet and salty taste which is made possible by the black paste called chunjang (춘장). Chunjang came from fermented wheat flour and is called sweet wheat paste or sweet bean sauce.

Samyang Jjapaghetti: How to Make It?

The reason why I decided to share this is that, I do not want you guys to eat Samyang just for the sake of doing a challenge. I want you to find the delicious taste of this noodles by putting in the right amount of sauce. Yes, you read that right. The sauce is very important because that regulates the hotness of this recipe. Moreover, my Korean friends even warned me before that I should not put too much sauce because it could be intolerable. With that, I present to you the Samyang Jjapaghetti Recipe below!

samyang jjapaghetti

As you can see, I didn’t just mix them alone; I even put some vegetables because as we know, the noodles are instant. Instant noodles will always be not so healthy to me. Adding mozzarella cheese made it more special simply because I love cheese but don’t overdo the cheese part because it might taste too salty. To share with you, the original ones I tasted was just Samyang and Jjapaghetti noodles mixed together with a canned tuna. I think, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to prepare it.

Smart Start Session

That’s it for my short article, hope you enjoyed it! You might like to visit more of my recipes here.

Happy eating everyone!

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