Singapore Food Faves: Munch Around SG!

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Hi people! Let’s talk about food and travel! With my recent trip to Singapore, I can say that this is a different experience traveling with friends. If you’ve read my previous article on roaming around Singapore for four hours, this time, it’s roaming around Singapore for four days! However, I’d like to share specifically, my Singapore Food faves.

Let’s get the list of the restaurants going!

1. Kopitiam

First of my Singapore Food Faves is Kopitiam. Kopitiam (does the name sound familiar?), means coffee shop. However as I visited in this famous restaurant, Kopitiam does not serve just coffee but lots of different food. If we compare it to the Philippines, it’s like a food court, but smaller. Plus, the prices here are really affordable and the lowest that I saw would be about 4SGD (around 150PHP or $3)! If you think that you’re going to get broke in Singapore because of the high cost of living, places like these are real gems to visit.

The food are healthy, too!

singapore food
Welcome to Kopitiam!
singapore food
Lots of food choices for you!
singapore food
Bought this chicken meal for 5SGD!

Kopitiam is located at different areas, especially in shopping malls.


2. Al Hariz Restaurant, Geylang Road

Next stop: let’s munch something Indian! As Singapore is home to cultural diversity, food is truly diverse, too! One of my Singapore Food Faves is Indian cuisine. Even when I am in Manila, I am a fan of Indian food since my boyfriend would always bring me there (but he’s not Indian haha). I think you know how costly Indian food is at some restaurants (for example, buttered chicken would cost around 500PHP or 10USD more or less without the Naan Bread) but here, it is half the price! My friend/colleague/co-content creator Mafil is also a fan of Indian cuisine and we enjoyed every munch and the aroma of the food.

It’s walking distance from our place, Ark Hostel (nice staff and comfy area, too!)

singapore food
It’s open for 24 hours!
Singapore food
Buttered Chicken Curry, my all-time fave!
singapore food
The serving is real huge for this meal (forgot the name!) I think it’s another chicken curry, too.

Al Hariz Restaurant is located at 73 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389194. You can get off at Kallang Stn and walk your way towards there.


3. Dragon Beard’s Delicacy

This is truly a delicious Singapore food treat! As a matter of fact, we did not buy this but tried this because as we were walking around Suntec Mall, some people approached us to give it a try, so we did! It said there that it is essential to make the delicacy on the spot such that the guest may savour the whole piece of delicacy in his/her mouth. Upon further research, it originated in China and it is actually a traditional art.

Wonder if they sell this in souvenir shops if they make it in actual!

singapore food
Here they are making the delicacy!
singapore food
I’m ready to munch it!

Well, I think you can check this website to learn more where they make this delicacy.


4. Singapore’s Themed Cafes

Whenever I plan to visit Singapore, I always take into consideration to go to themed cafes. In my previous article, I shared my experience in Hello Kitty Cafe at Changi Airport. This time, I had the experience of seeing other themed cafes (I didn’t eat there since my colleagues have other options) and would want to explore more on my next visit.

On a note, these cafes are quite expensive. Thus, if you’re on a budget make sure to consider researching the prices. However, I bet they’re worth it because my previous experience in Hello Kitty Cafe was truly a delectable one.

singapore food
The famous egg! Gudetama cafe.
singapore food
Here’s some of their menu.
singapore food
My Melody Cafe, just beside Gudetama Cafe.
singapore food
Menu for your reference.

You can visit Gudetama Cafe and My Melody Cafe at Suntec City Mall. They’re just beside each other.


5. Makansutra Glutton’s Bay

Last but definitely not the least, Makansutra! My colleagues invited us here for a treat and similar to Kopitiam, they have stalls which sell different food items. Makansutra is an outdoor area and people really go here for delicious food. Well, I don’t want to explain more about this but to give you an idea how delicious and satisfying the food are, here are some snippets you wouldn’t want to miss!

singapore food
You’re here when you see this!
singapore food
Some food we ate… (Struggling to take photos because we already want to eat!)
singapore food
Jam packed as usual.
singapore food
My eating buddies (look at our food though! haha)

Makansutra is located at 01, 8 Raffles Ave, 15 Esplanade Singapore. Go here at night, and you’ll see the dancing lights by the bay.

Well folks, did they make you hungry, or did they make you crave for more?
Don’t forget to take note of this when you visit Singapore.

Give me this opportunity to thank Malaysia Airlines for a comfortable travel and safe arrival in Singapore! (Wait for my article about this next week!)

See you on our next adventure!



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