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Starting Habits that Helps You Build a Positive Mindset

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎵
Hey everyone! As I was humming this song at four-thirty in the morning, I realized 2019 is coming into completion. Some of you might be thinking about next year, things you want to start, goals that you want to set. Right? I personally believe planning does not need to happen (or must not even have to start) always by January. In fact, by that time we should be working on our goals already. With those goals, we might think that we need to practice certain skills in order to start. However, did you know that what accounts in completing those goals are 80% mindset and 20% skill set? Yes, skills are things you can definitely learn but having a strong, positive mindset is what can bring you to the next levels and chapters of your life.

Thus, we are going to talk about starting five habits that would help you build a positive mindset. Let’s begin!

1. Invest in your health.

You probably know the reason why I put this as #1 in the list. There might be lots of theories regarding mind, body and soul but I do believe that our bodies are connected on how our minds are programmed. Imagine yourself not eating that lunch. You’ll definitely feel irritable, right? As a matter of fact, gut health may have impact on mental health. However, we don’t just take into account nutrition. Having an active lifestyle is also a need for us to start the day right. In these ways, we can be quite assured that the biological components in our body has an accountability for our positive mindset.

Experiment on this: Exercise on a day and don’t on another day and see what difference can it make. Compare and check how efficient you think you can manage inserting workouts (even simple ones) in your daily routines. Check your productivity as well.


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And yes, there are different ways to enjoy health and wellness! Short nature walks, cycling, yoga, meditation, martial arts, going to the gym, name it! You’ll definitely find your fit.


2. Wake up early.

Sounds difficult for most of us, right? However, in my experience, this really helped me build a strong, positive mindset.

positive mindset
Wake up! Sip that drink and get ready.

I have this habit of “competing” with my alarm. For example, I set it at 4:30 last night and I was actually able to wake up by 3:00am. (Too early as a matter of fact!). This time enables my mind to focus on the things I want to accomplish for the day, setting expectations for myself, and meditating because if I wake up with people, I don’t have that peace of mind because I would be distracted with the environment already. If you’re that kind of person who gets distracted when there are people around then find not just a spot, but a time when and where you can focus your thoughts for the day. In this way, you can start the day right and it can help you build a positive mindset because…


3. It’s good to have daily affirmations.

Every morning, I make it a habit to visualize what I want to achieve for the day. Starting from your imagination, it trickles down to the different parts of your body thus your actions are moving towards what you thought of. Thus, if you have a positive mindset, you have positive actions. Take a short 5-10 minute of contemplating about what you want to achieve in your life, and make sure this will make you excited and get going.

positive mindset
You can actually look at the mirror and engage in self-talk!

You can view a video by Brian Tracy here on The Best Way to Get Yourself Motivated for the Day.


4. Manage your time.

I always tell my friends, colleagues, and students that they should manage their time or time will manage them. Worse, others might manage their time. Why is this crucial in building a positive mindset? By assessing what you are doing in a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, you can tell if the energy you are exerting is something that leads you to your goal. Look at this diagram about the Ikigai.

The concept of Ikigai. Credits: Dreamstime

You must be planning your activities, right? Check through this if what you’re doing is something that encompasses these four. For some, they might not have found it yet. However, if you build good habits and positive mindset now, managing your time when you finally find your Ikigai will not be difficult anymore.


5. Have time for rest and play.

Many people have been saying that they do enjoy their work, and they integrate their work and social life. However for me, my personality works best if I have one day dedicated for rest or play with a different set of people (which is mostly my family or a few friends). I always compare myself to a phone that needs recharging in order to give its full potential on the next week to come. For others, they get their energy from other people, which is also fine. Thus, find the ways on how you can rest and/or play (of course in a positive way, talk about self-care!) in which you can totally say, “I am refreshed and ready to start the week!” In this way, you have a space for positivity in your mind. Therefore, a positive mindset can totally develop.

positive mindset
Engaging in rest and play is not bad! You need it once in a while.

Note: I do this on a weekly basis. 

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So there! Developing a positive mindset is not easy, but it is definitely simple! I am sure that you will get and acquire new techniques along the process. One thing you can do is to make a difference is to share it as well. Remember that if your circle of influence has a positive mindset, it can help a lot in your development.



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