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Supplements, Do I Really Need You? — Knowing the Value of Supplementation

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Good day readers! Here am I again excited to provide fresh information to you. The reason why I am starting another new article is that I was astounded by the fact that I got a lot of views from my USANA Celavive article and I am getting engagements with value through that. Talk about the power of sharing your reviews! Anyway, I remember USANA is a brand focused on supplementation thus I felt I have to share my knowledge whether you should take supplements, or not. Disclaimer: USANA did not pay me to post this. Haha. This is purely based on experience and researches.

USANA Celavive
Celavive is my must-have skincare. The reason why I don’t review much skin care products because I am already afraid to try others when my skin is already getting better here.

Let’s get to the point. Should supplements be a must-have?

Personally, yes.  What made me say that? Well I do not really decide purely based on testimonies and I love doing product researches as well (our body deserves the best!). Moreover, having a strong background in Biology because I teach that to high school students, I think you can believe me, haha! Kidding aside, here are few ideas and facts that made me say yes to supplementation:

  • According to Nutritionist and Dietitians I closely work with, there’s a probability that you can get all the nutrients in the food you eat —  that is, if you can find them easily. In this fast paced world full of fast food chains, how can you protect yourself from the harm these kinds of food cause?
  • I have read studies supporting that supplementation is NOT needed. However, it would vary from place to place. In my case, I am living in the Philippines and people might be getting enough calories but they are not getting enough nutrients. “Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) and micronutrient deficiencies remain the leading nutritional problems in the Philippines.”[1] If you’re from the US probably this is a different issue.
  • Supplements are beneficial, but not all of them are good. Take note that they can never replace the quality of food you eat. “Dietary supplements are products intended to supplement the diet.” [2]
I believe food is still the core of our daily functioning. Rather than be patronizing supplementation too much, we should effort more in food paired with a high quality of supplements.

I’ve tried products before, there are effective and there are not. Same with skin care, there would be products that will work for us and there will be not. However, we must consider that to those products that work, there should not be any side effects or long-term damage to our body. It’s like fried chicken with melted cheese. It can give you pure, mouth-watering satisfaction but consuming them frequently would probably, make your life shorter. usana supplements


What effects have you encountered while taking high quality supplements?

Honestly speaking, effects are not much as compared to numerous testimonials I read online. However, I still keep on taking it because I know for a fact that I am not getting the right amount of nutrients my body needs (I’m underweight and improving now!) and I don’t have the capacity to eat a lot. Some of you might have the same condition as mine; I have a small appetite but I eat often. Aside from that, my body isn’t too deprived at the same time to show great results. Most of the time, great testimonials on supplements happen to come from older people. Here are the effects I’ve experienced:

  • Good quality of sleep. Yes, I had an article on meditation which I told you that it helped me have good quality of sleep. If supplements are working properly, it has an effect which makes you sometimes feel sleepy. I didn’t feel sleepy at the middle of the day. However, whenever I go to bed, I noticed my system maintains the 7-8 hours that my body needs. If I forcefully wake up, I really can’t. This made me become consistent with my sleeping habits. The mechanism of supplements is it encourages repair of damaged cells by providing adequate nutrition thus it encourages sleep for those people who has a lot to repair. [3]
  • Energetic throughout the day. When taking supplements, I never felt groggy or moody when I wake up to check my breakfast. I’m sure we all love sleeping but you know, this year has been really great to me that I look forward to wake up and greet people (and animals!) in the morning outside my room. Of course, I’m pretty sure it’s not just supplements, perhaps meditation and motivation helped.
  • Immunity. Whenever there’s a drizzle and I don’t have an umbrella I tend to get sick the next day. That was before. My parents can attest to that (that’s why they keep on telling me take care of my health and so on!!) Nowadays, I feel confident to walk in the rain and I’m serious. I could not say that right now my immune system is totally great but it is definitely improving. There is no clear link on supplementation and immunity but it definitely makes sense that a good lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and proper supplementation is your first line of defense. [4]

Smart Start Session

What products do you use then?

I just trust USANA, straight to the point. The effects I mentioned above came from the said product, but of course, the results are not the same for everyone. Without any bias, I signed up for an account to get discounts and my family is enjoying it too! However, still, please do your research before trying any product because we all want the best quality for our body. You may try other products as well at your own convenience since these are all based on my personal experience and research, once again.


The thing I like about USANA is, it does not just bombard you with vitamins and minerals. What it does is it activates your normal processes in the smallest units of your body, the cells, through cell signaling. It is natural and does not modify anything inside you to achieve your desired health condition. Thanks to my high school Biology, I can understand this without any medical degree.
Photo by USANA Inc.

Remember, supplementation, like any other things, has two sides of the story. There would be people against it and there would be people who will support it. Same goes with vaccination, LGBT issues, legalization of cannabis, and a lot more. Thus, the best thing to do is do your own research and experience it first-hand. When I mean by experience, it’s not a one-time experience. People tend to conclude after their first encounter but life does not work that way, my friend. We need constant exposures with things and so does our journey on health. What’s your story? Share them below, with love!  


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