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Things You Can Do During Quarantine

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Hi folks, hope you are all doing just fine! Here in the Philippines, it is the third week of enhanced community quarantine. Let’s hope and pray that all of these will end soon and let’s move forward for a better tomorrow. However, since what we can do right now is to stay at home and follow precautionary measures, we can actually make our time productive while staying at home. In the past few weeks, here are the things I made time for:

1. Recharge.

We definitely need a time to recharge in everything that we do. However, a month of recharge? Some of you might think it’s crazy but the quarantine allows us to be creative on how we’re going to spend time at home. When I say recharge, this includes things you enjoy and at the same time gives you a peace of mind as we survive this quarantine. In my case, what I did are these things, and you can do them as well:

  • Play with your pets. In one of my online courses, it was mentioned there that we produce Oxytocin, the love hormone whenever we stroke our pets.
  • Meditate. Now, I’m not telling you to meditate all day. Instead, look for a time that allows your communication with God, yourself, or any Higher Being you believe in, and the like. It can also be just something to reassess your day. Read more about my post here on the benefits of meditation.
  • Get enough sleep.  For some people who cannot get that whole 7-8 hours of sleep on a normal basis, this is your chance to regain it. However, maintain those hours because too much sleep also can make you feel tired and sluggish for the day. If you can push it through when everything goes back to normal, then that’s better.
  • Workout. For someone like me who likes working out outside, having time to exercise is a challenge. However, our fitness friends made it possible for us to know some home workouts so we can stay fit at the comfort of our homes. There are phone applications as well such as Nike Training (which I personally use) for comprehensive home workouts.
Pets definitely ease your stress away.

Well, here are just some ways you can recharge during quarantine. Feel free to comment down the ways you do it at home.

2. Connect with loved ones.

It might seem contradicting that we connect with peers right now in the time of quarantine and social distancing, right? However, social media platforms and online applications allow us connect with people we haven’t talked to in a long time. Since people are having more time at home, what is happening is that they have more time to talk with friends, family, and loved ones. This is something we can’t do on a normal basis if we are loaded with tons of work, right? However, we realize the important connections are still worthwhile when it is done face to face. We crave for connections right now since it seems that we have plenty of free time but take it for granted on a normal day.

Video Conferencing Tools are very in demand right now. Apps such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Messenger, and the like are helpful to connect with others.

Thus, if we have the chance right now, why not grab it and talk to those people you definitely miss? Moreover, if you’re staying with your family, take the opportunity to be with them and know them more.


3. Learn new things.

I think you saw my post on my Facebook Page on the sites we can use to learn new things. Right now, I made use of this quarantine to study three courses (which are related) that I know can help me as we finish this quarantine. Check out this post to know more:

You can also read books, if you don’t feel like learning courses. I get my daily dose of books from the following sites:


4. Work from home.

Some are quite fortunate to have their work done at the comfort of their homes. For others, they completely lost their jobs, temporarily. To some who are really itching to get some work, you can look for remote work online. I haven’t tried this personally because I would like to invest my time more of learning. Moreover, look also for opportunities that can be done virtually. In the case of our business and community, Smart Start Session, we can do our sessions online and thus learning and giving value never stops during a pandemic.

Yes, I was able to pull off an event last Saturday! Thank you to the 28 attendees. Hope you learned a lot!


5. Look for ways to help.

We can make staying at home valuable by spending time sharing donation drives and giving support to people who need our help the most. Share your friends’ post if they are doing some charity or fundraisers. Donate in any way if you feel like you are fortunate enough at your homes while others are not sure on what tomorrow is like. The thing here is that, we should be grateful about the thought that we are actually safe and sound at home while others are risking their lives to look for a living, or to give service on this pandemic.

This is one initiative we created and I hope you can share ours, too.


Final words from this article, let’s stay safe at home, be grateful for what we have and continue influencing others in our own ways. I definitely believe we will surpass this and these calamities will make us stronger.


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